Friday, January 22, 2016

Alex Goes To Japan 2016 VIII - The Oceanside / Mountain Walk

Song:  Romance Theme

Artist:  Jennifer Thomas

I had awakened to another delicious breakfast my mother-in-law had made for me
(my wife helped some with each meal).

I finished off breakfast with a piece of cake and some Cafe Au Lait.

Alex had more of his favorite seafood.

Alex had three different types of fish...
and some crab.

I then started my ocean/mountain walk
(in all, I had walked approximately 10 miles there and back).

I had wanted to capture everyday Sukumo life and the country life style.

Just 50 yards or so down from my wife's parents' house...
an aged lady maintains a large garden...
the product of which she sells in her shop / home
(Her son helps her.  She is in her upper 80s).

This is her produce shop / home.

I walked down a little farther to see another garden.

I believe the shop owner also owns these green houses...
but I am unsure.

This was another home just down the street.

Some typical trees which grow on the mountain sides.

Near the ocean I had seen this house
(about 15 minutes into my walk).

This was at one of the parks we had visited earlier.

I followed an ocean side road off the main road.

It had wound around a bend...
and took me back to the main road.

Some more typical country homes.

This home's front yard was covered in some kind of citrus trees.

The Japanese farmers typically cover each fruit to protect them from the elements...
until they are fully ripe.

This was an atypical modern home.

I had walked beyond where the road took a bend away from the ocean...
and into the mountains.

I turned around when I reached the next town.

This is something you can never see in America.

A beer and sake vending machine.

Another view of the country home on my way back.

After arriving back at my wife's parents' house...
my wife's brother, and his wife...
stopped by and stayed for a few hours to see us...
as we were to leave on the morrow.

They had given us a box of delicious rice crackers to take home.

Everyone just relaxed and talked for a while.

After my wife's brother and his wife left...
her father and I watched a sumo tournament on TV.

I had another delicious supper.

This was the delicious marinated octopus my mother-in-law had made for us.

This is another item my mother-in-law makes for herself.

This is a boiled down mixture of fresh Yuzu seeds...
and Sho Chu (a distilled grain sipping drink similar to the Korean Soju).

She boils the mixture until it reaches the consistency of a light syrup.

She then uses it as a facial medication.

My mother-in-law use to have a rather severe facial Rosacea condition.

It is no longer noticeable.

I wouldn't have believed it...
my wife inherited this condition...
and in just a couple of days of using this at her parents' house...
it had, for the most part...cleared right up.

My wife had tried all of the prescription medications in America...
and all to no avail.

Just a few applications of this home remedy...
and it worked like nothing else ever had.

Another point for country ingenuity...
and an effective home remedy as a result.

One crucial point...
my wife's mother had tried the commercial version 
of this Yuzu concoction.

She had not noticed nearly the positive effects she had reaped 
from her home version.

I don't know what she does differently...
but I do know of the positive effects it had on my wife
in just a few days time.

The next day would be our last here in Japan.

Her brother and father would drive us to the train station early in the morning.

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