Friday, January 22, 2016

Alex Goes To Japan 2016 VII - My Wife's Brother's Place

Song:  Secrets

Artist:  Jennifer Thomas

My breakfast.

I had a whole variety of foods to choose from.

Alex had eaten mostly the fish and gyoza.

We then dropped off Alex at my wife's brother's shop/home
(the beige building above and to the right is his home).

This lies just behind her brother's shop/home.

We then went to a local market to pick up more food for our meals.

those cantaloupes are almost $40.00 each!

most of the food is very reasonably priced
(less than $1.00 for a good sized Daikon).

My mother-in-law had picked out an octopus arm to marinate.

My wife had told her how much Alex and I love marinated octopus.

There is always a large selection of ready made food for the single persons in Japan.

Even beef is reasonable...
if one is reasonable about the quantity one eats
(I am not :)

Alex loves all types of fish and seafood.

My wife said that everyone was staring at me because of my brightly colored shirt.

My wife's brother's shop.

With this one small shop...
her brother makes a very good living for his family.

It is his very good work ethic which had made him a success.

He manages all of the business on his own as he is very particular about 
how things must be done (another reason for his success).

He is buying another chair so his eldest son may work alongside him.

My wife's brother on the left...
and his eldest son on the right.

We then picked Alex back up after our shopping excursion...
and later that evening...
we went out to eat at another local restaurant.

Alex giving his grandmother a kiss.

Alex loves grilled Unagi (freshwater eel).

My wife and I each had a combo platter
(The orange flower is actually salmon).

This meal was so good.

Everything was so tasty.

This restaurant is a favorite of my wife's parents.

They often go here.

My wife's father and mother had a Tempura combo platter.

Alex had a matcha and ice cream dessert.

During the next day...
I decided to take a leisurely walk to the ocean...
and just keep walking until I felt like turning back.

I just wanted to take some pictures of everyday living in Sukumo.

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