Thursday, January 21, 2016

Alex Goes To Japan 2016 V - Grandfather's Boat / Park Near The Ocean

Song:  Eventide

Artists:  Jennifer Thomas and Kelley Marie Johnson

My wife's mother likes making her own preserves.

On the left is strawberry preserves...
and on the right is Yuzu peel preserves
(Yuzu is a type of citrus).

I had a variety of meats for breakfast.

The meat on the right is fried fish cake.

One of my wife's mother's neighbors had made these just after our arrival.

These strawberries were of exceptional flavor.

Alex had more crab for breakfast.

This is my wife's father's boat.

He used to have a 35 footer...
however, as many of his fishing buddies have since died...
he had downsized his boat years ago.

My father-in-law's boat is just 5 minutes from his home.

He goes out almost everyday.

He loves being out on the ocean on his boat.

He said that if he does not go for a few days...
he feels cramped and unsatisfied.

I sat on the bow...

and Alex and his mother sat on the stern.

I don't know what kind of fishing boat this one is...
but it is probably a charter vessel.

(My wife's photo)

And yes...
those are Star Wars pajama bottoms.

Alex had insisted on wearing them for this day's excursion :)

I had him wear sweat pants over them at first...
but he had felt you have it :)

(My wife's photo)

(My wife's photo)

We headed back in to the docking area after a short while.

I can see why my father-in-law loves fishing almost everyday.

There is so much freedom out on the sea.

This was a nearby park near the ocean.

It lies just down the road from the boat harbor.

(My wife's photo)

They still have pay phones!  

There were some gift stands here.

This is where I had bought some souvenirs for my family and a friend of the family
(some red coral pendants).

This was the young lady from whom I had bought the red coral pendants.

I had wanted to get something particular to this area.

They got the coral just off shore in this area.

I then walked around a bit.

As I was buying the gifts...
everyone else walked to the left around the park...
so, I walked around to the right...
and we met up on the left side.

(My wife's photo)

We then departed for my wife's parents' home.

My next article will contain some very beautiful photos of a famous place in Shikoku...

Two Island Park.

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