Friday, January 22, 2016

Alex Goes To Japan 2016 IX - The Beginning Of Our 31 Hour Journey Home

Song:  Gymnopedie #1

Composer:  Erik Satie

Alex with his maternal grandparents just before we are to leave.

We left at 8:25 AM.

Alex's grandmother decided to not see us off at the train station.

She knew she would just cry too much there...
so, as we departed from their home...
she gave us one last hug as she stifled her tears...
and off we went.

This time...
we would not have to transfer trains.
We had one straight shot to Kochi on this express train.

We departed the Sukumo train station.

The last of the Sukumo countryside as we made our way up the southern coastline.

The red bridge in Nakamura.

We had seen much of the ocean on our way to Kochi.

We arrived at Kochi Train Station.

We then transferred to a bus to the Kochi airport.

There were many sights in Kochi on our way to the airport.

Our arrival at Kochi Airport.

(My wife's photo)

A statue dedicated to Shigeru Yoshida 
(a former Prime Minister of Japan)

An area dedicated to Ryoma Sakamoto
(Ronin and revolutionary - key to overthrow of last of Shogunate era)

Alex had posed at this same cartoon character on his last trip here when he was 6 years old.

I had bought souvenirs for my family here.

This was also the same restaurant
Alex and his mother had eaten in the last time they were here.

On the description of this plate at the entrance...
it said that it was 'an indigenous bird'...
so, thinking that it must be some kind of specialty bird...
perhaps a kind of duck special to Kochi...
I had ordered it.

When it arrived at the table...
my wife asked what kind of bird it was.

The waitress said, 'Chicken'  :)

Our plane to the Haneda Domestic Terminal (Tokyo).

The last of Shikoku as we flew toward Tokyo.

Flying over the island of Honshu toward Tokyo.

The airplane had an under cockpit camera
which they displayed the view from on the onboard screens.

Our arrival at Haneda Domestic Terminal.

We still had to catch a bus to the Haneda International Airport.

We are on a bus to Haneda International Airport.

The last article of our trip I just had to make separate.

Haneda International Airport is the most beautiful airport I have ever seen.

We had a nine hour layover...
but I was glad we had extra time to spend there.

As you will see...
Haneda International Airport Terminal is nothing short of magical.

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