Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Alex Goes To Japan 2016 IV - Dragonfly Park / Shimanto River

Song:  Illumination

Artist:  Jennifer Thomas

The next morning we had a late breakfast...
and then my wife's father had taken us to a nearby park dedicated to the dragonfly...
and some indigenous fish from the nearby rivers.

Alex's grandfather had gone fishing the day before our arrival.

He had caught many fish and some crab.

They had cooked and frozen many crab
because they know how much Alex loves crab.

Alex started out breakfast with crab meat and small fish.

Alex then had some of the fish his grandfather had caught.

This small temple was just a few minutes walk from their house.

My wife used to ride her bike to school down this road.

A short while later...
we arrived at Dragonfly Park
(this was out of season for any mature dragonflies...
but there were still many interesting things to see at the park).

We then left the park and drove to a nice place on the Shimanto river.

This is a famous bridge in Nakamura.

There is a story behind these fields.

When my wife was in high school...
she and a friend had ridden their bikes for an hour to a summer job they had
here cutting straw with a sickle and then bundling them up.

They were used to make tatami mats.

Over the summer...
my wife had made approximately $500.00 so she could buy a boom box
to listen to her favorite music.

The Shimanto river.

We stopped here and walked around.

Although this place is highly active in the summer...
it was still a sight to see...
even on a cloudy winter's day.

On the drive back home...
this farmer burning excess material from his fields reminds me
of our childhood in Japan.

We arrived at her parents' home...
and I decided to walk around some.

I took the road leading up into the mountains.

Over 20 years ago...
the last time I was here...
there used to be a mountain path to the left which led up a ridge into the mountains.

Her father explained that the people of their neighborhood were still young enough
to keep the path clear, but that now, nobody is young enough to climb into the mountains...
and so, no one keeps the path clear, and the path is no more...
it had become overgrown with brush.

I had, instead, gone up following the road to a cemetery.

I then went back down and followed the road leading to the neighborhood temple.

We rested for the remainder of the evening.

On the next day...
my wife's father would take us on his boat...
and then to a nearby park by the sea.

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