Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Alex Goes To Japan 2016 III - Wife's Aunt And Uncle Depart

Song:  The Red Aspens

Artist:  Jennifer Thomas

For most of the early day...
my wife's aunt and uncle talked with her parents...
and we slept in late...
and just relaxed.

We had a late lunch on the day of my wife's aunt and uncle's departure 
to go back home.

We went to a nearby restaurant.

I love the way so many of the Japanese restaurants
have mock ups of their meals at the entrance.

I had chosen the shrimp meal.

Alex had the shrimp and chicken combo.

From the restaurant...
after our meal...
my wife's aunt and uncle were driven to the Kyushu bound ferry by her parents.

We took a cab to her parents' home.

After arriving at her parents' home...
we decided to take a little walk toward the nearby river.

My wife's parents' neighborhood consists mostly of the very senior citizens.

I had hopes of Alex finding a nice young girl he could email and get to know.

However, there were very few young people anywhere to be found in this neighborhood.

Just a mile or so downriver...
is the ocean.

I love the countryside.

I felt much more comfortable here than I had when I lived in Osaka for a year.

I am a country boy at heart.

There is just no substitute for the sense of freedom that one gets
 from living in the countryside.

After our little outing...
we were still very tired from our flight...
so, we just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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