Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Alex Goes To Japan 2016 II - Our First Day In Sukumo

Song:  Into The Forest

Artist:  Jennifer Thomas

Upon our arrival at my wife's parents' house...
we prepared for bed.

Her parents had lain out a temporary bed for me.

After our first night...
I would move the futons to an upstairs bedroom...
my wife's old bedroom when she was a child.

Alex and his mother had a bed in the downstairs guest room.

The upstairs rooms consisted of two bedrooms.

There was one on the left...
my wife's childhood bedroom...
and one on the right...
her brother's childhood bedroom.

I slept in my wife's childhood bedroom.

It was actually very roomy...
and it had some nice views out each of the two windows.

The doorframe still had some marks from where she had measured her height...
and there was still a 'Bay City Rollers' sticker on one of the doors  :)

These were the views outside the window near my futon
(I hadn't realized until much later that the screens slid open also  :)

These were views from my wife's childhood bedroom front window.

This is their kitchen.

This is their tub and shower room.

This is the living room / Parents' room.

The inside front entrance to their house.

This is the view from just outside their front door.

My wife's aunt and uncle came on our first day...
and stayed the night so they could see us.

They are from the island of Kyushu...
the most southern of the four main islands of Japan
(the island from which my mother had come).

Alex with his maternal grandfather.

Alex with my wife's aunt and uncle.

We had supper at a nearby restaurant with all of my wife's relatives.

My wife's brother's family is in this photo with Alex.

Her brother's eldest son is near his wife...
and his youngest son is sitting near Alex.

Her brother is on the left.

He is a self made man...
and he has done very well for himself, and for his family.

As a late teenager...he put himself into a barbershop / hair dressing school...
went through an arduous few years studying as an apprentice...
and then opened his own business near his parents house (a few minutes drive away).

Attached to his business is his house.

He is a very hard worker...
and...a good businessman.

He adapted his business hours to his customer's schedules...
staying open into the late evening hours (9 - 10 PM).

This is the way to run a successful business.

As a result...
his business has thrived.

(My wife's photo)

(My wife's photo)

(My wife's photo)

Alex with his two cousins.

The eldest is on the left of the photo...
and the youngest is on the right.

The eldest has followed in his father's footsteps.

He went through a hairdressing / barber school...
passed his licensing requirements...
and is now working in his father's shop.

The youngest is so much like Alex.

Not only do they have the same temperament...
and have both excelled academically...
but the youngest also wishes to become a teacher.

He was just accepted to a University in Kochi.

My wife's aunt and uncle.

My wife's parents.

We had a nice family reunion at this dinner.

We then drove back to her parents' home where we just relaxed and bedded down early.


  1. Looks like a wonderful day to reconnect with family. The house looks pretty roomy by Japan standards.

    The oysters look delicious and remind me of the ones we had in Hiroshima.

    My mom lived in Shikoku for several years when she was a child, on the northwest tip of the island. We went back with her one time and it was quite a journey to get there, so I can understand how far you traveled your first day.

  2. We were so comfortable there. We all love the countryside over that of the city. Alex loved the fried oysters, and he had picked those for his meals at several restaurants.


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