Monday, December 28, 2015

NNV Math Club Preparing For Winter Math Camp

Song:  Hymn To Hope

Group:  Secret Garden

The NNV Math Club is putting on a week long (40 hour) Winter Math Camp
for elementary and middle school children next week.

These members (along with some others)...
are going to be the instructors.

They had gathered here to solidify their lesson plans.

Alex had already completed one of his hour long lectures...
and he will be completing his other two lesson plans this week.

Alex will be giving three, one hour long, lectures on Algebra:

1)  Basic Algebraic Equations... and how to solve them.

2)  Factorials (Number Theory)... and solving Algebraic equations with them.

3)  Exponents... and solving Algebraic equations with them.

Alex will also be helping the children by tutoring them
and by teaching them real life applications of Algebra.

He will also be helping to run a MathCounts type contest...
along with overseeing many games designed to keep the children mentally engaged.

One of the Math Club's members couldn't physically be there...
so, one of the other members had him there online.

Everyone was busy working on the Math Camp's schedule...
and on their lesson plans.

As the math camp is for elementary and middle school students...
the main emphasis is to not make the lessons too advanced in theory 
so as to not unnecessarily complicate their lectures...
for fear of confusing the children.


  1. Teaching at a math camp... another great experience for Alex and the other members of the Math Club.

  2. Yes, Alex is so excited. He loves teaching math. Alex is working hard on his coming lectures.


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