Sunday, December 6, 2015

Alex's 1/4 Mile Strongman Yoke Walk

Song:  The Hobbit

Artists:  The Piano Guys

Alex and I will be doing the Strongman Yoke Walk twice a week for a 1/4 mile

(On two separate days...we will also be doing the Farmer's Walk for 1/4 mile).

The Strongman Yoke Walk will allow a maximum weight to be carried, in a safe fashion.

Again, the empty yoke weighs 90 lbs (almost 41 Kilos).

We will keep it at this weight for several weeks to allow our muscles to adapt 
to the new carrying position.

We will then add weight in 10 lb leaps by adding Olympic weights to each post
(the smallest I have are 2.5 lbs plates...x 4 = 10 lbs).

The starting position involves taking an initial partial squat position...
 simply standing...and then walking with the yoke.

I had erred in my initial guesstimate.

There is room to walk on the sidewalk...
but we will have to walk a little to the right to ensure we don't scrape any cars
which are parked near the curb.

I actually bought 'headlights' to put on the front posts of the yoke...
as I had thought we were going to walk against traffic in the street.

Oh well...
we may need them where we go in the future.

Alex is getting used to the yoke.

His shoulders were sore...
and this indicated that he was pushing up with his hands.

All the hands are for is to ensure the bar doesn't slide down the back...
not to act as a shelf...but to apply slight pressure towards the back...
and to allow friction to do the rest.

Another rest stop for Alex.

At this momentary rest stop...
Alex's shoulders did not hurt so much.

Even though the temperature was in the high 30s F...
when we exercise with the Strongman Yoke or the Trap Bar...
we heat up so much that we need to dress in such a manner 
as to allow our heat to dissipate.

Alex starting out after a break.

Alex nearing home.

Alex pausing momentarily at home...
just before I took the bar inside the garage.

We expect to eventually carry many hundreds of lbs. in this fashion...
and for this distance.

Right now...
it is, of course, quite an easy walk
(other than upper back muscle fatigue...and some shoulder pain.
It will take several weeks to get the positioning just right...
and for the back muscles to adapt).

After the first few weeks of basic adaptation...
we will start adding weights to the yoke...
and that is when the real fun begins  :)


  1. Do you take turns with the yoke, i.e. first he does a quarter mile then you do? It is something that he can do this physically, but even more impressive that he has such a strong will to do these things.

  2. Normally, yes. I walk with him during his walk, then he goes in to stretch and shower while I do my walk. However, I am getting over a cold. I will start my walk in a couple of days.

    Alex loves to conquer challenges of all types. He has a strong mind for things he likes to do. He has learned to really like exercise. He loves routines, and a steady routine of exercise seems like a normal pattern in life. Alex likes how he feels after he exercises, especially a session which really takes its toll.
    After a nice hot shower and a good night's sleep, the next day feels so good to him. Once he really starts to work out hard, he will feel good for many days on end.


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