Friday, December 25, 2015

Alex Enjoys The Neighborhood Christmas Lights - II

Ahchan's 2015 Winter Solstice Posters

This is a continuation of my neighborhood's Christmas lights.

We then drove a few minutes to my mother's properties' neighborhood.

Alex and I then went out to one our favorite restaurants...
Naan and Kabab...
for a Christmas Eve dinner.

We got our old favorites to eat...
and we then went home to hang and light up the posters
of Alex's Mathematically themed Winter Solstice.

This was across from the restaurant as we were going home.

The above and below homes are directly across the street from our home.

We then set to work on hanging and lighting up Alex's posters.

As Winter storms have been rolling through Reno...
I had to protect the posters by hanging them off the window of our front porch.

The NNV Math Club Winter Camp will be in a couple of days.

I will be posting Alex's lecture notes soon.


  1. We don't have too many houses in our immediate neighborhood with holiday lights so it's great to see all the beautiful decorations in your area. And you joined in, in your own unique way this year! Did anyone of your neighbors comment?

  2. No, although I did notice the neighbors gathering around and carrying pitchforks and torches :)

    Actually, I noticed about a 50% reduction in Christmas light participation this year. That is sad...especially now that I am participating also.


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