Monday, December 7, 2015

Alex At UNR To Register For Spring Semester

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Today was the first day of registration for the Spring semester 
at the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) for Alex.

He had already researched which classes he wanted to attend in order of priority...
and had included the course numbers to present to admissions.

Right after his Differential Equations class...
Alex and I went to the administration building so he could register.

This particular lady behind the desk was very helpful in assisting Alex.

I stepped back and let Alex handle his affairs.

It turns out that the class that he wished to take was already full...
and he is number five on the waiting list 
(Game Theory...and no...not as in video games  :)

He will have to wait a few days or so to see if he moves up on the list...
and if not...he is going to register for Probability Theory.

Alex is becoming more and more independent...
and he is increasingly becoming more comfortable with handling 
more adult affairs by himself.

I took this picture off of the top of the parking garage at the university.

We are just about one mile from home in the above two pictures.


Alex was a little more tired today after last night's Yoke Walk...
but he was not sore...that is a good sign.

He will repeat the exercise in a couple of days...
and I think with each repetition of the exercise...
he will grow more and more comfortable with it.

That is...
until we add 10 lbs of weight to the yoke  :)

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