Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Alex At The NNV Math Club Christmas Party

Song:  Have You Heard

Group:  The Moody Blues

This past Sunday...
Alex went to a Christmas party for the NNV Math Club.

It was at the founder's house.

The children had played games for hours...
had eaten dinner, and had played a gift giving game called 'White Elephant'.

I had never heard of this game before...
however, as I had arrived a few minutes early to pick Alex up...
I got to witness it.

Each child who wanted to participate in the gift giving
had taken a wrapped gift.

At the beginning of the game...
the children drew numbers and the child with the lowest number chose first.

When he/she unwrapped the gift...
the next person got the choice to take that gift...
or to unwrap a new one.

Everyone seemed pretty satisfied with the gifts received.

Inside the founder's home.

The founder of NNV Math Club had received Alex's gift.
He had given a Rubic's Cube mug and a book on famous mathematical formulas.

Alex had received a daily calendar of quotes.

The following Christmas lights are of the neighborhood of the party location.

Alex and I then went to a local outside mall to see their Christmas lights.

We finished off the night by eating out at a Mexican restaurant.

On the eve of Christmas...
we are going to drive around our neighborhood to see the Christmas decorations
(and Winter Solstice decorations  :)


  1. How nice that the founder of the math club had everyone over for a Christmas party. I am guessing that almost all of the gifts in the White Elephant game were of an intellectual nature in some way. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  2. Actually, some were bloopers. They were already familiar with the game and some had gifted ones as pranks. Still, no one had traded any.


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