Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Strongman Yoke For Alex

Song:  O Fortuna

Artists:  The Piano Guys

We received the Strongman Yoke a few days ago.

We will be using this apparatus in place of heavy (over 100 lbs) sand filled rucksacks.

This will allow us to carry much heavier weights
while remaining in an upright position.

The sand filled rucksacks tended to make us lean forward to counter balance
the weight of the sand.

This proved to be too harsh for my lower back.

We are still going to use the sand filled rucksacks for longer distances though.

We will use this yoke for shorter distances...
the same we use for the Farmer's Walk...
1/4 of a mile.

I backed the car out of the garage...
and Alex helped me to put the yoke together.

Alex walked for a short distance to try it out.

I modified the cross bar by wrapping a towel and sports tape around it...
to provide cushioning and better traction on the back.

Notice the large angled pegs.

These are for adding Olympic plates for extra weight
(exact amount of weight to all four pegs at one time).

The Strongman Yoke weighs 90 lbs by itself.

This will be a good weight to start with.

We will use it twice a week...
and we will do the Farmer's Walk...
twice a week.

This will up our conditioning quickly.

we will continue with our ruck sack walks twice a week...
for at least 2 miles.

We will eventually be able to carry many hundreds of lbs safely
with this yoke.

It was just approximately $220.00 on Amazon (additional $55.00 shipping).

This piece of equipment is very much worth every penny.

Before we use it...
I will have to add a lot of reflective tape on all sides.

It is too wide to walk with it on the sidewalks...
so we will have to walk on the street.

I will be walking next to Alex with a flashlight while he walks with it
(against traffic).

Our streets are not heavily traveled...
and he will be skirting the sidewalk.

At the first sign of a car...
he will get on the sidewalk until the car has passed.


I have not forgotten about my vow to create
 a Blacklight lit / Pink Floyd music accompanied / Mathematically themed...
Winter Solstice decoration for our front porch.

All of the necessary items have arrived.

After Alex finishes up with his immediate finals...
we will start decorating.


  1. I can see where this strongman yoke will enable you to walk standing more upright, and therefore be better for your back. Alex is getting to be a really strong young man.

  2. Yes, Alex will eventually become a very strong young man. However, it is only because of his strong mind.


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