Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Alex En Route Home From The 2015 Caltech Math Competition

Song:  Home Sweet Home

Group:  Motley Crue

We left the next morning after eating breakfast at the hotel.

The route I had taken home is the route I shall use in the future.

It had cut almost two hours off of our driving time.

We had driven through striated rock formations just after leaving the Los Angeles Basin.

We were leaving the Mojave Desert plains and started running parallel
with the Sierra Nevadas along Hwy 395.

We were nearing the halfway point when it had started to snow in the mountains...
and we had just a hint of snowfall on the Hwy.

I had several alternative routes in mind in case of heavy snowfall...
or something far worse...
rain which then froze on the mountain roads...forming black ice
(either back tracking and taking Hwy 5 up central California...
or going East across Death Valley and then heading up central Nevada).

Although I certainly did not speed...
we had only stopped for gas and bathroom breaks until we reached Reno.

There was an 8,300 ft. mountain pass I had to cross before heavy weather 
made it too dangerous to cross
(although I have full time four wheel drive...and I always carry chains...
I cannot trust the other drivers on icy roads...especially on mountain roads).

There was a break in the weather for a while...

then we had run into heavy clouds once again.

We were nearing Reno at this point.

As we had only eaten breakfast that morning...
we stopped at the Atlantis Casino to eat on the Sky Terrace before going home.

Alex had eaten a tray of sushi and was ordering more.

I started out with hot bread and a bowl of Lobster Bisque.

I then had the Seafood Fettuccini.

Alex then had several hand rolls...
and a long roll.

He then had some ice cream for dessert.

We then departed for home...
and went to sleep early.


I am always going to remember Alex going to these math competitions.

He seems to light up when he talks with others with similar passions in life...Math.

I always have a good time taking photos of our trips...
and then reliving those precious moments as I later view them.

Alex doesn't mind the long drives.

He is either on his laptop...
or iPad...or he will sometimes sleep for a portion of the drive
(we always take comforters and pillows).

It is always a pleasure to drive him to these competitions...
especially when the drive is scenic.

My head is be-boppin to music as we drive for hours on end.

it also always pleasurable to arrive at home.


  1. Looks like another great competition experience for Alex. Nice of his old school to invite him to join their team. Love the scenery on your drive both ways. The snow is beautiful but I hate driving on snowy, icy roads.

  2. Alex had a good time. It was a great experience for his old school. Alex and the exchange student had also qualified for a national math contest in Colorado next month, however, we will have just gotten back from Japan then. It doesn't seem likely.


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