Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Day Before Alex's Grandmother's House Warming

Song:  All I Ask Of You

Artists:  Sarah Brightman and Josh Groban

My mother at the city lights lookout just down her street.

I had taken these two photos a couple of days ago.


My elder sister and her husband has been staying at our mother's new house for a few days.
They were looking at houses in the area, as they are thinking of moving here sometime 
in the near future.

They had also come for our mother's house warming tomorrow.

I had picked up my mother's dog from her old house last week.

Her dog's name is Hana.

She is a very affectionate and lovable dog.

My elder sister is taking her for a walk around the neighborhood here.

There are plenty of mountain trails throughout the neighborhood.

When I walk Hana...
I will be using some of these trails sometimes.

When my mother and I go on night walks (with Hana)...
we will use this route...
as much of the route back lets us see the city lights.

she loves her walks.

We got back to my mother's house.

Here we are getting ready to go out to dinner.

My elder sister and I shared this seafood feast of...
shrimp, lobster, fried oysters, and crab.

My mother had opted for sushi.

Alex had chosen the fried oysters.

Here we are leaving our favorite casino...
The Atlantis.

My mother's furniture arrived and she is all set for her house warming tomorrow.

My mother is excited, as one of her friends from two hours away is also coming.

I will be taking a lot of photos of tomorrow's house warming.

Although not all of my mother's furniture has been ordered...
she has enough for now.

My mother has been watching a lot of the Japan TV station (24/7 station).

Tomorrow, Alex will be going to his math club for practice...
and afterwards, I will pick him up and we will get ready for the party.

It will be a small house warming (7 persons)...
but we had ordered much more food than we will need.

I will be picking up enough grilled chicken and sides 
from El Pollo Loco for twelve persons...
and four lbs. of barbecued pork ribs from Dickey's Texas Barbecue.

Alex is looking forwards to the ribs  :)


I have started my other blog which features my mother.

I will be focusing on aging and living well for senior citizens.

It is just in the beginning stages...
and I've yet to write many articles...
but for anyone who is a senior citizen, or who knows one...
I will include much information on healthful foods (and specific recipies)...
specific exercises, and ways to achieve a happier and more healthful life...
including psychological and philosophical outlooks which will lead a person
to live a life which is more full and rewarding.

You may see it here:


  1. Such a beautiful area to walk, with or without a dog. How old is Hana? Great that she enjoys the walks!

    That seafood feast truly is a feast! The other dishes looked delicious also!

  2. Hana is a little over 7 years old. She absolutely loves it here. I will be taking her on walks in the mountains also.

    That seafood feast is a favorite of mine. Our next big eat out will be at the Teppanyaki place. Alex loves the Filet Mignon there.


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