Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Alex Advances To The Math League State Competition

Song:  Take 5

Artist:  Paul Desmond

Last weekend...
Alex took part in his math club's first attempt to send qualifiers
to the Math League High School State Competition.

Throughout the next six months...
participants will have a total of six chances to get a high enough 
qualifying score to advance to the State competition...
and from there, the qualifying participants will 
advance to the Math League Nationals.

The Reno area participants competed at UNR.

Alex on his way to the Math and Science building for the competition.

There were only a handful of competitors for this first competition.

This young lady had taken third place
(Bronze medal).

Alex had taken second place
(Silver Medal).

This brilliant young man had taken first place
(Gold Medal).

Alex, and the first place winner...
had qualifying scores to advance to the State Competition
in Las Vegas sometime in Spring of 2016.


  1. Alex has been so busy lately preparing for many different types of math competitions. It is good he won't have to worry about qualifying for this one anymore.


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