Friday, September 25, 2015

Mt. Rose / Lake Tahoe Lookout - A Country Drive

Song:  Land Of Passion

Group:  Hubert Laws

after I dropped off Alex at his high school so he could tutor math students there...
I took a little country drive...only this time...I took the Mt. Rose highway.

The majority of these photos were taken through my windshield as I was driving
(with the exception of the Lake Tahoe shots).

This was only about 10 minutes beyond his high school.

The whole of the drive from his high school to the Lake Tahoe lookout
was only about 30 minutes.

The Autumn colors are just now starting to show.
I am at over 8,000 ft. here.

After a short while here...
I drove back to Alex's school to pick him up.

Earlier this morning...
I went with my mother to her new house for the house inspection.

There were only a few minor things we wanted the sellers to repair.

The deal is moving forward...
and in a couple of weeks...
my mother may move in to her new house.

After supper...
we had a nice rosy sunset.

Alex, his grandmother, and I, are going to drive up to Alpine Lake.

There should be some nice views to enjoy.

my mother and I are just going to relax and enjoy a movie.

She is feeling elated at the thought of moving into her new house.

I am very happy for her.

She is reaping the rewards of the forethought of my father...
who ensured she would never be without when he passed away.


For those who say that one should live for today...
they are missing the point.

One cannot be truly happy today...
if tomorrow is not prepared for.


  1. It must be very soothing to be able to go to such a beautiful, magnificent place so close to home.

  2. Yes, it is just one of so many near places with much to see.


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