Sunday, September 27, 2015

Alex Goes To Lake Alpine II

Song:  Never Can Say Goodbye

Artist:  TwainsBlues (goes by)

This is the second article of this trip to Lake Alpine.

Not too long after departing Lake Alpine on our way home.

Alex taking some photos.

Another alpine lake on our way home.

I believe this one was called Mosquito Lake.

I just pulled off the road for a few moments so we could take some photos.

A few miles from home.

I knew it would shape up to be a very nice sunset by the cloud formations.

Just before getting home...
I had to pull over as I knew the zenith of the sunset would be past.
I then took the rest of the photos of the sunset here.

Sure enough...
the sky started to turn pink...

and the yellows took over the leading edges to turn it into a flame sunset.

As my mother had elected to stay at home to rest...
we first went home to pick her up for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant.

My mother just wanted some samples of our meals and some soup.

Alex had Seafood Chow Fun.

I had Schezwan Beef.

I really love the flavors of their meals here.

When it says hot and spicy...
they mean it.

I love how they do not mellow the spices in their meals to the 
typical American taste of bland.

They have the best Chinese meals here
(Silver Chopsticks).


Alex and I had also talked about his future...
of how he should also take his future family on such outings
to not only give them the love of the great outdoors...
but as a time which presents an opportunity
 to really talk to them in a stimulating atmosphere.

Such memories become a paired and bonded experience.

When they look at the photos of their day...
years hence...
they will remember the lessons given during the discussions
on the drive there and back.

New and serene experiences open up the mind.

An open mind is one which may then be reasoned with.

It is a time which may be spent presenting a logical argument
for a rational way of living, of their future in a macro perspective...
and of a logical path to tread towards an upwards goal of living life well.

We had talked of death...
and of life.

And as always...
the necessity of leading a young life filled with deferred gratification...
of always front loading life with efforts which plant 
future fruiting trees for far greater returns later...
and which always lead to a future of things to look forwards to...
of a life which continues to get richer with each passing year.

Always take plenty of photos during all of your outings.

They enrich life with full range memories.

And, once again...
rich memories are what give life its richness.


  1. I never tire of seeing the gorgeous scenery on your excursions, or the delicious meals at the restaurants! :) You certainly are building rich memories with Alex.

  2. There are many places we will go in the future. The beautiful sights just never end...and the delicious food will continue to be an adventure each time.


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