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Day II - III - Alex At The 2015 ARML Nationals / The Drive Home

Song:  Serenata Immortale

Group:  Immediate Music

Just before the start of the second day of the competition.

This competitor is from the San Francisco Bay Area.

She usually competes with the NNV Math Club at the Stanford University...
UC Berkeley University...and the Caltech University Math Tournaments.

There were many past competitors of Mathcounts here also.
This is the usual step up for many of the former various Mathcounts champions.

Competitors signing photo frames for the sponsors of the event.

The highest individual scorer on the team is the smiling young man in the picture center.
The second highest scorer is the young man in the last seat.

They are both absolutely brilliant mathematicians.

NNV Math Club competed in the B division
(there are two divisions - A and B).

This is the building in which the second phase of the competition took place.

The team met outside during the lunch break.

Only two members of the team had scored high enough to be listed.

Alex had not made it this year.

Although he was disappointed...
he also knew that the tests had been reset for higher difficulty over last year's.
Last year...12 of the participants in the Nation had gotten perfect scores...
while this year...only 1 had.

Alex will have to force growth by learning more formulas and their applications...
in order to make the list next year.

After receiving their lunch boxes...
they ate inside.

Right after lunch came the award ceremony.

The number one ARML Math Team in the International Division was...


The International Division included these countries from Asia:

Macau / China / Taiwan / Singapore / South Korea / Vietnam / Indonesia / Philippines

There may have been more...
but I am only sure of these.

I am disappointed that Japan has not participated in this competition.
I am sure they could do well.

In second place for the International Division was...


NNV Math Club took 6th place in the Nation in the B Division.

I was so happy for the team...
but I was most happy for the founder - Sherry Griffin.

She had built this team from scratch over the last 3 years.

She has tirelessly given of her Sundays to the team.

She handled all of the logistics and planning...
and had conducted many of the classes.

She lined up the space to train...
and had sought out sponsors.

All of this...
at no cost to the parents.

She made a team out of 7th - 12th graders
(although this year's team has only 10th and below graders)...
from just the Reno area.

The number one team in the Nation for the B Division was called...

The Wild Wild West.

The team was a conglomeration of the strongest students in 8 Western states
(Arizona / Idaho / Montana / Nevada (minus Reno) / New Mexico / 
North and South Dakota / Wyoming).

NNV Math Club was just from the relatively small city and the surrounding areas of...

Reno, NV.

This is what is so impressive...
besides having a very young team.

This was the plaque awarded to all members of the NNV Math Club team.

This was the number one team in the Nation for the A division...

the San Francisco Northern Bay Math Team.

They have consistently proven themselves to be 
among the best young mathematicians in the nation...year after year

(the 2014 National Mathcounts Champion is the third pink shirt from the right...second row).

After the ceremony...
Alex walked with his team to their dorms...
whereupon we bade our leave.

When we got back to the hotel (Stratosphere)...
we went up to the observation platform atop the Stratosphere tower.

This was one of the three attractions on the tower.

We stayed for the sunset...
and we then went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner.

We had four orders of Shishito (grilled peppers on the left).

My wife loved the Sashimi platter.

After dinner...
we went back up the tower to see the city's lights from the inner tower.

I was very impressed with the views.

It all seemed so surreal inside.

It almost seemed as if you were on a spaceship riding through far away galaxies...
while viewing the multitude of stars out in front.

This is a must see attraction...
especially at night.

We checked out at 11 AM and hit the road for home.

This time I took the simple and short route home
(with our meal was 8 hours).

We had stopped in Beatty for lunch...
and to see inside a candy store.

We then went home...
ate out at a Mexican restaurant...
and then fell asleep not too many hours afterwards.

Some news from Sherry Griffin for the NNV Math Club.

She is going to be adding Computer Programming to the club's teaching schedule.

They will also be moving to a larger practice center to accommodate the increased
number of people this should attract.

She will also be entering talks with more sponsors...
including Microsoft.

Hopefully everything will pan out.

With their success at the competition...
having come from a small population to draw from...
the meetings should bode well.


  1. Congrats to the NNV Math Club! Impressive performance!

    I have not been to the Stratosphere but will have to see it if we ever return to Vegas.

  2. It is a must see. It is free for guests of the hotel, and $20.00 each for non guests. At night, it is such a fantastic sight. On the night we were there, it stayed open until 1 AM. What a beautiful view!


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