Monday, June 22, 2015

Alex's 2015 Father's Day Card / Dinner At The Atlantis

Song:   Nocturne

Artist:  David Lanz

Today, I just slept in.

Alex had this card on the table for me.

 Alex is so cute.
He put our next night walk goal...100 lbs.

Although he took Geometry many years ago...
it is his weakest mathematical area...
and so, he is going to review it over the summer.

We then went out for dinner at the Atlantis.

We ate on the Skywalk Terrace at the Oyster Bar.

I started out with a large bowl of Lobster Bisque and plenty of bread.

Alex ate fried oysters.
He loves oysters...
well, actually...
he loves almost all seafood.

I then had a lobster sandwich.

The bread was called a 'honey bun'.

It was a hot dog bun!

Although, I must admit...
it was a honey flavored hot dog bun  :)

The lobster sandwich was good...
so, no complaints from me.

On our way out...
the pillars ejected their flames
(one minute of flames every half hour).

Alex's summer course at UNR was cancelled.

We just found out today.

Alex will concentrate on his various math programs at home instead.

We are postponing our trip until
we talk with admin. at UNR.

We hope to leave in a couple of days.


  1. Lobster sandwich sounds really good. Hope you are enjoying your trip! Can't wait to read all about it.

  2. We just got back yesterday. It was fantastic!


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