Sunday, May 17, 2015

NNV Math Club's Last Session Before The ARML Nationals

Song:  Through The Storm

Artist:  Dax Johnson

This was the last meeting of the NNV Math Club until they travel 
to the ARML Nationals in a couple of weeks.

The first portion of the day's class covered logistics for the journey to Las Vegas...
the schedule of events while there, and the return trip.

Sherry Griffin going over the logistics, scheduling, and what to expect
at the ARML Nationals (there are many new members).

Sherry Griffin then had the members work on some ARML type problems.

She then had some students go to the board to explain their answers.

This young man can always be counted on to come up
with different ways of solving a problem.

He is very knowledgable...and a good teacher.

Although this member is relatively new...
he catches on quickly.

This member is a solid asset to the team.
He is also a relatively new member to the club.

This member is always a rock solid performer.
She also thoroughly explains her rationales.

This member is always very good in all types of problems...
but he is especially good with the visual imaging of problems.

I noticed how easily he manipulates objects in his mind.

 The NNV Math Club will be going with a full team.

They should do well again this year.

ARML is a National and Worldwide High School advanced math competition.

There will be over 600 competitors from the western portion of the nation...
and from Asia, competing in Las Vegas this year
(With thousands more competing at 3 other locations across the nation simultaneously.
  The results are then tabulated as a whole).

We will be reserving our hotel soon.

We shall be leaving a day ahead of the rest of his team...
and staying over an extra day.

We want Alex to get a good night's sleep before the two day event...
and we will be catching a Las Vegas show after the event.

I will use the last day to get extra sleep in preparation for our long drive home (8 hours).

Alex has been doing well in practice rounds.

He is hoping to get listed this year for the individual round
(scoring high enough as an individual to be on permanent record
so he may include his results on his university application resumes).

Alex having a final talk with Sherry Griffin.

After ARML...
the Math Circle won't be meeting again until Autumn.

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