Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Alex's Tutoring Mathematical Diagnostic Test

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At Alex's high school...
his math teacher had started a tutoring program.

He had asked a total of four students to become tutors
to any of the students at the high school.

Alex was asked...
and he agreed enthusiastically.

The tutors will be volunteering their time each week...
and they will be earning the requisite number of volunteer hours 
for inclusion on their future University applications...
and towards their Honor Society requirements.

As Alex wishes to one day become a University Math Professor...
this teaching opportunity will be perfect for him.

Alex loves teaching.

Alex's math teacher...Mr. Deveny.

The tutors may use the computer and projector screen to explain
problems, principles, or concepts to those in need 
using the various demonstrative or calculative programs
(although Alex is quite satisfied to just use a pen and paper).

Alex had designed his own basic mathematics diagnostic test...
so he could more accurately ascertain the level of each student...
and so, could more tailor fit his tutoring to the problem areas
of each particular student.

Alex realizes that if a fundamental concept...
or certain principles are not understood...
many further problems will arise.

Alex wishes to ensure each student has a rock solid 
mathematical foundation first.

Alex will be helping the high school or middle school students with any math concern
to increase their progress, or to help with their exams or SATs.

This is Alex's Mathematical Diagnostic Test:

If Alex may not earn enough volunteer hours only through this 
high school tutoring program...
a mathematical tutoring school (Juku) opened up nearby.

Alex is thinking about becoming an instructor there...
but only if there are not enough students to teach 
at his high school for him to earn enough hours.


  1. Should be a good experience for Alex. It will be interesting to see if he can develop empathy toward students who are not as skilled in math as he is, and can communicate in a way that they can understand.

  2. This will be a good learning experience for Alex. He had tutored a high school pre-calculus math class before. However, this tutoring is for children who are having a difficult time with math fundamentals. He loves doing it. How effective he will be with students who have problems understanding math remains to be seen.


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