Sunday, May 3, 2015

Alex's Grandmother House Hunting In Reno

Song:  On My Way Home

Artist:  Rumer

As my mother is now 76 years old...
and she lives alone in California
(my sisters look in on her)...
I wish her to live near me so I may take care of her.

During her visit here
(she will remain here until the end of this week)...
I took her around to look at new homes.

She would like to purchase a home to live in while we are here...
and she will then rent it out when she moves with us to our next location
(wherever Alex goes to university).

This is a good financial move for my mother
(she would sell one of her income properties in California...
and buy here...and be able to rent it out for more than her old one...
and she would then be able to sell it for more later).

She could enjoy her stay in a new home here until we move...
then have a good income rental until she wished to sell it 
at a profit in 10 or so years.

A couple of days ago...
my mother and I started the day with a cup of tea (coffee for me)
on our little patio table...
as we looked out on the hillside and enjoyed the gentle breeze.

We then ate lunch at a Japanese restaurant
(Alex and I enjoyed a Calpico yogurt drink).

We also enjoyed Takoyaki and Gyoza for appetizers.

Alex had Shoyu Ramen...
my mother had Udon...
and I had Katsu Curry.

I then took her to look at a 55+ housing community to look at their house models
(at least one person must be 55+ years old to buy here).

Should she buy here...
she would be just 10 minutes from our house.

My mother really liked this particular model.

She would get to pick the color of the maple cabinetry 
and the color of the granite slab kitchen surfaces.

The back yards are especially small since most elderly people want low maintenance yards.

This is the master bedroom
(my mother would opt for bay windows here).

The master bath is standard so far as master baths go.

This is the master bedroom walk in closet
(there is more behind me...out of the picture).

The master bedroom toilet has its own room just to my left in this picture.

My mother is sitting in the master bedroom and looking out at a mini waterfall and fish pond
they have in the backyard.

My mother decided that she would also have a similar set up in her backyard
should she buy here 
(this is just a model house...she would buy this model and pick out a plot of land).

The washroom just before the door leading to the garage.

This is the study...
which she would opt to convert into a third bedroom
(which would make this a 3 bed and 2 bath house).

This is the housing development.

The mountain in the background would be the one which she could enjoy looking at
from inside her house, and from the backyard...all year long.

We then visited the plot of land which she desires to have the same model house built...
should she buy here.

The plot of land is on a cul de sac  and it is pie shaped.

This property has year round mountain breezes...
the air is always clean and refreshing.

The front of her house would face the Northern mountains 
(we live much farther up these Northern mountains).

 This would be the view she would see from the back of her house
(where all the windows are).

The property is on the edge of a ridge...
so there will never be anything built behind her house
(should she get this one).

This mountain is snow capped for much of every year.

We then ate at a Japanese restaurant just 5 minutes from her desired house location.

I had a simple beef lunch bento.

My mother had seafood udon.

We then drove back to my house and picked up the rest of my family
so they could see the house model, and the plot of land, my mother likes.

Alex and his grandmother looking outside of her favored house model.

My mother also liked the kitchen layout.

She also wants all of the kitchen appliances in stainless steel.

You can see the stainless steel refrigerator on the right side of this picture.

My mother would probably convert the formal dining area into an entertainment room.

We then showed the plot of land...
and went back home for a rest.

Later that night...
we went to one of our favorite restaurants...
Naan and Kabab
(Mediterranean food).

Alex and his grandmother had the Salmon Kabab.

Alex and my mother (his paternal grandmother).

We then went home...
whereupon my mother and I watched some more dramas together.

Although my mother may not buy that particular plot of land...
she does wish to buy that particular model.

The choice lots go quickly...
hopefully she may move on it before it is sold.

they are opening new plots every so often.

Should she miss out on this one...
there will be other choice lots on other ridges in the future.


  1. Looks like a great model and that plot sounds ideal. Does your mother have to sell her other property first before she will buy? She must be excited to move now that she saw what is potentially available to her.

  2. Yes, she probably won't get this plot of land as it may take a while to get things in order. However, she is excited about moving here.


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