Thursday, May 14, 2015

Alex's Calculus III Final At UNR

Song:  The Voice

Group:  The Moody Blues

Alex with Professor Norfleet after his Calculus III Final Exam
at the University of Nevada Reno last Monday.

Although Alex feels confident he had done well...
he had also said that this was his toughest class.

I can accept whatever grade he I know how hard he had worked.
Alex had put forth much effort and discipline towards his studies
(We won't know how well he had done in this class for another week or so).

Alex is busy studying for a couple of more finals coming soon in his other classes...
and he is also preparing himself for the ARML Nationals in Las Vegas 
coming at the end of this month.

Alex was also asked by his High School math teacher if he would be
an official math tutor at his school for all the Middle and High School students.

Alex will be preparing them for their final exams...
and for their SATs
(Alex had received perfect Math scores in his ACT, SAT and SAT II).

Alex will also be doing it from now on at the school...
and he will be earning volunteer credits towards
his Honor Society requirements.

He will devote several hours a week at the school starting next week.

The next day...
Alex gladly picked weeds in the backyard to pay for his Mother's Day gift
that I had bought for him to give to his Mother.
This way he could truly say that the gift was from him
(the box of Truffles).

I just came back from California early this morning (2:30 AM)
after dropping my Mother off at her house.

She will be returning soon to rent a house until her affairs are settled
in which time she may then buy her house here.

Everything is working out according to the master plan...
the path is being steadily tread...
each step of which will further all toward our final goals.

I am flexible enough to bend with the occasional negative flows...
and I am patient enough to wait out the occasional stagnating eddies
which happen in life.

Once again...
the important thing is to:

Dream the Dream
(never lose sight of it)

Formulate The Viable Plans
(Immediate / Mid Term / Long Term)

Stay The Course Until Fruition

Always remember...
the single most indicative attribute for success in life is...

Deferred Gratification
(inherent or learned)

Simply put...

the more seeds planted for the future...
the greater the harvest the future shall bear.

Right now...

I am so happy with Alex's progress in life.

I am so happy that I will be able to take care of my Mother very soon.

I am so happy that life continues to get better...
that so many things are going according to plan...
that in the movie of my mind...
I am tearing up the stage to a large cheering crowd
as I am dancing to the song on this article  :)

(my dancing must forever be relegated to the movie of my mind...
for I can neither dance, nor sing, in real life  :)

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