Saturday, April 18, 2015

Alex's Saturday North Stampede Reservoir Ride

Song:  Come Saturday Morning

Artist:  Rumer

We had scouted this route at North Stampede Reservoir by car last week 
after our bike ride at Boca Reservoir.

I had misjudged the difficulty of this particular ride.

Although there was no single particularly steep area...
most of the way back was all up hill with almost no reprieve
(a three mile ride in total).

We had arrived at our starting point...
and Alex unloaded the bikes.

We headed into the forest.

Although some of the dirt road was nice...
much of it was potholed and had large rocks.

As we had record low levels of snow this past winter 
(in 60 years...this was the driest)...
Stampede reservoir was almost dry.

The water level used to be almost to the tree line.

It was nice and breezy...
and it was relatively cool (mid 60s)...
although I would have preferred it to have been cooler.

We rested up before heading back up the hillside and back to the car.

This is where the steady drain of going uphill for long periods got to us.

We had to walk our bikes for portions of the journey uphill...
and we had stopped numerous times.

The first half of the road had loose dirt and large rocks.

Our legs had numbed out...
I was sucking air...
and Alex wasn't faring much better.

We were at approximately 6,000 ft. in elevation.
Even though we live at 5,300 ft. in elevation...
we had felt the effects of the elevation while under exertion.

We rested here for a few minutes.

Only for the very last portion did we get to go back downhill.

We were glad to be back at the car.

This was a one time ride here.

We are going to pick much longer...
but much flatter routes in the future.

After we had showered...
we went to a new all you can eat Sushi restaurant just 10 minutes from home.

Alex had Gyoza and mussel appetizers.

I had eaten too much due to a mistake I had made.

I thought one of the rolls was a two piece order.

I was already full when it had arrived (on the right).

I am still stuffed as I write this
(I still can't bend forward at the waist).

They had a nice atmosphere...
and we signed up for a frequent customer discount (free).

For every three all you can eat meals...
we will get one free.

Tomorrow afternoon...
Alex will be competing in the ARML locals at UNR.

I will post the results...
and some pictures of the competition...
tomorrow evening.

Right now...
I just have to lie down.

I am so full...
it hurts  :)


  1. I guess those constant, steady uphill climbs are tougher than the ups and downs. Appreciate even more the Tour de France riders who can climb huge mountains. Well, at least you had great sushi to make up for it. Looks like quite a platter!

  2. That was a climb we won't be repeating. I felt that ride for days afterwards :)

    We will be going to Tahoe soon. It is mostly flat.


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