Thursday, March 5, 2015

Alex's Research Paper Proposal - An Introspective Look Into ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

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Alex at his computer, typing out his assignments.

Alex just submitted his research paper proposal to his English Instructor.

He was free to research any topic that interested him.

He had chosen Autism Spectrum Disorder
to learn more about that which affects him...
to not only learn more about it for a deeper knowledge of himself...
but to let others know about it from a personal perspective.

His instructor approved his proposal...
and he has two weeks to thoroughly research his topic...
and present his finished research paper to his instructor.

This is his approved research proposal.

Alex is very matter of fact about his condition.

He knows that his direct communication skills need more work...
but he doesn't allow his condition to give him an excuse to not keep working
on improving this area.

He also doesn't blame others if he doesn't communicate well with them
(although he does very well on specific areas of knowledge...
such as teaching others Math...
he still needs work on small talk, one on one, and in groups...
as he finds it difficult to initiate a conversation, or to join in on one).

He knows that proper problem identification is necessary 
in order to properly rectify the problem.

As Alex is not afraid to conquer any problems before him.

 Given time and practice...
he will eventually learn how to communicate with others with ease...
on a more personal basis

(with those of whom he doesn't know well.
He communicates well with us).


  1. I don't know if this is within scope of the research assignment, but I would love to learn from Alex what he believes are his biggest personal challenges, and what he would advise parents of other children who have autism.

  2. I will talk with him to see if he can answer your questions in his research paper. If not...I will answer you here at a later time.

  3. I asked Alex your two questions. Alex said he definitely had found the social aspects the most daunting. He said he wished he could have a close friend. He likes others, but he can't seem to fit in with them. Alex said that parents of children with ASD should be sure to work extra hard on the social aspect of their lives, while at the same time, to never lose focus on their strengths.

  4. Thank you for relaying my questions to Alex. It is great to get his perspective. I will try to keep his thoughts in mind with my son.

    It must be hard at times for Alex, as there are so few kids who have a lot in common with him because he is so exceptional. But I think when he finally does find a friend, the relationship will be a strong one as they will likely share a rare bond.

  5. I think so too. However, he is also like me. We are both loners by nature...we need our solitude.


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