Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Alex's Biology Research Paper

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Alex has two to three research papers or essays assigned per month
through his online high school.

I am glad to see this.

Knowing how to write is an especially important skill to develop...
not only as preparation for University...
but as preparation for almost any profession.

A few days ago, Alex received a research paper assignment from his Biology class.

He had to first choose his topic.

Alex and his mother were watching a PBS documentary on 
Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs titled:

'Hunting The Nightmare Bacteria'

As this was a perfect topic for Alex to further research for his paper...
he decided to pursue and expand upon it.

Alex completed his assignment and submitted it to his Biology teacher a short while ago

This is Alex's first draft:

I especially like how Alex's instructors have the students submit a first draft
for approval and then return them with recommendations for corrections.

This is true teaching.

This is what school is for.

I remember I once had this teacher from hell in elementary school.

She had assigned a research report to be completed by the class.

A student had raised her hand and had asked how to write a research report.

This daughter of the devil of a teacher actually then replied...
"You should have learned how to write a research report last year...
I am not going to waste class time to do it now".

I don't think that any of us had actually been taught 
how to write a reseach report the previous year.

it was the instructor's job to explain and teach 
ANY AND ALL areas of ignorance for whatever reason.

You must remember...
this was in the 1960's.

There was no Internet or computers.

We had to have our parents drive us to the library.

Was I able to complete the assignment?


But that is not the question.

The question is...
was it the most effective way of teaching...
by not teaching?


A teacher's job is to explain how things are to be done.

Some are of the mindset of throwing a child into the deep end of a pool
as a means of having them learn how to swim.

This is stupidity...
as it teaches nothing.

It is merely a weeding out process.

Any fool can make demands.

To name an objective or goal is meaningless without a clearly defined path 
to its accomplishment in sight of each child.

I give that teacher from hell...
an 'F'  :)

Almost always...
Alex's essays and reports are accepted without being returned for corrections
because he has had some very good teachers in his past.

it is because of this feedback mechanism which is in place
that allows for corrective guidance from the teachers...
that a student may steadily improve.


  1. Alex:

    I learnt a lot from the graphs and the definitions; found the graphs clear [especially the one which showed the deaths in the present and 2050 projected from antibiotic resistance] and the definitions informative.

    Seems like a good paper that anyone interested in antibiotics and their effects on bodies and the environment could understand.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate that you learned a great deal from the paper.



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