Saturday, February 21, 2015

Alex Grading The 2015 Mathcounts Chapter Competition

Song:  Dreammaker

Artist:  Thomas Bergersen

Although Alex may no longer compete in Mathcounts as he is in 9th grade
(Alex was the 2014 Nevada State Mathcounts Champion)...
he wanted to cheer on his old middle school as they competed in it
(Coral Academy Of Science).

Alex was one of the graders for the competition
(along with some of his NNV Math club members).

Alex couldn't grade any of the participants from Coral Academy...
and none of the Davidson Academy graders graded any from their academy.
Alex graded all participants from the Davidson Academy.

The Chapter competition took place in the same building on the 
University of Nevada Reno campus...
at the Davidson Mathematics and Science Center.

We had arrived early and walked through the campus to the competition site.

Alex's old Middle School.

Alex in the grading center for the competition.

After each round of competition...
the graders had to work furiously to grade the papers and tabulate the scores.

Alex's previous Mathcounts coach from Coral Academy of Science is on the left
(she had led Alex to his 1st place win in the State Finals in 2014)...
and Alex's NNV Math Club main instructor, and founder, is on the right.

They were discussing getting more students to join the math club.

The math teams as they emerged from one of their competition rounds.

 After the grading was complete and lunch was over...
Alex and I settled in to watch the countdown fun round...
and the award ceremony.

The NNV Math Club founder at the podium talking about the NNV Math Club...
and encouraging the participants to join the club.

The number one team at the Chapter competition was from the Davidson Academy.

Coral Academy of Science hadn't placed this year.
However, they will have two individuals who will advance to the 
State finals in the individual category.

The top four individuals took the stage
(all from the Davidson Academy).

From the left to the right...
fourth, third, second, first.

The young man on the right is the mathematical wizard from last year.

If he doesn't get first place in the State...
he will almost certainly make the State team going to the Nationals.

Any of these four have a chance to make the Nationals at the State Competition...
however, we personally know two of the competitors from Las Vegas...
and I fully expect both of them to make the Nationals again this year...
and they both have a great chance at becoming number one in the State as well.

The other individuals who had also made the State Finals.
The young lady in the front row and third from the left is a 6th grader from Coral Academy...
and the young man in the second row and third from the left is also from Coral Academy.

After the competition...
Alex and I went home.

After a couple hours of rest...
we then went to the park to complete a PE requirement 
for his online High School.

We had to record the number of times he could hit a ball with a bat...
and the number of times he could catch a ball...
all in a set time period.

This will be my next article.


  1. Great that Alex can go back to the competition and participate as one of the graders. I'm sure he enjoyed being a part of it.

  2. Alex really enjoyed it. We will be attending the State Finals also. Alex knows many of the participants through his math competitions and math club.


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