Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Alex's Winter 2014 SAT Examination Results (2200)

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Alex took an official SAT with Essay a few weeks ago.

He had just gotten his results on this night.

To give an idea of how he has improved over the years:

(Alex as a 6th grader after his first SAT).
He first took his SATs when he was in the 6th grade and scored 1760.

(Alex as a 7th grader after his second SAT).
In 7th grade, he had scored 2100.

(Alex after his first ACT as an 8th grader).
In 8th grade, Alex took an ACT and had scored 33 (out of 36)...
with a perfect math score.

(Alex as a 9th grade high school / University student after his third SAT).

Alex took an official SAT with Essay a few weeks ago at a local high school.

Alex had gotten a score of 2200...
with perfect scores in Math and in Writing.

Although he had slightly improved his reading comprehension score...
it was not by much.

This is his weakest area...
and the area which is most affected by Autism...
the ability to think what others are thinking
(many of the passages involved knowing reasons behind certain actions).

I know what the problem is.
Alex thinks in a way which is different from most others...
so, he must try to narrow variables without knowing the priority
that others do, and so, he must get to the point of
intuitive knowledge into the human condition.

As these scores are used for entrance into University...
Alex still has a few years to make dramatic improvements in his reading comprehension
(although he is already a University student...a better score will allow him to apply
to some of the top Universities in the nation at a later date).

We may now focus on this area.
We will be getting special books and courses to shore up this area.

Operation SAT will have the goal of Alex getting an 800 in Reading Comprehension also  :)

(Remember, these scores are averaged nationally by all of the college bound...
mostly High School Juniors and Seniors who had taken this test).

A score of 2200 puts Alex into the top 1% in the nation for the total score.

Alex loves taking tests...
as he loves to see how much he has improved.

This is for which we use these, and other tests.
It allows us to track Alex's progress so we may get feedback on his study methods.

I highly recommend other parents do the same...
as it is not only good practice...
it exposes weak areas so they may be improved.

After I picked Alex up after his exam...
we went out for lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants...
Dickey's Barbecue Pit.

We are planning on going on our Snow Train excursion in a few days.

Tomorrow, we will take neighborhood Christmas light photos.

I also had to make another round of exercise modifications...
I finally reached a point of strain in my left foot.

The other night...
I kept getting awakened by a deep throbbing in one of my tendons.

We are at approximately 40 lbs. of sand in our rucksacks.

It is taking longer to recover from our night walks now.

Just as I had feared...
it is the tendons which take the longest to adapt...
specifically MY tendons  :)

I must allow longer recovery periods.

I HATE being the weak link  :(

I moved Alex's Farmer's Walk to Wed night
in place of one of the night walks.

I didn't want to do this...
but I must now make the night walks just on Mon and Fri.

My feet simply have to have more time to heal and adapt.

However, the Farmer's Walks will provide much of the same stimulation
that the night walks provide for Alex.

He is carrying heavier weight for shorter lengths...
but it is more intense...so he is still getting plenty of workout from it.

As for me...
plenty of Ibuprofen and foot soaks will have to do  :)


  1. Wow, another phenomenal achievement for Alex! I am most impressed with the 800 in Writing as it shows how far he has come in that area. While Reading may be an area of relative weakness for Alex, 600 is not bad, particularly for a 9th grader. And as Alex has shown the ability to continue growing in all areas, I'm sure he will continue to improve in reading comprehension as well.

    Sorry to hear about your sore tendons. Have you thought about easing off your weight while continuing to let Alex build up more (since he seems to be able to handle the weight so far)? But yes, better to back off than to overdo.

  2. Part of the reason we are working out together is I am the injury early warning system. As he can adapt more readily, I am the fuse in the system. Should we be advancing too quickly, I will first suffer the injury, instead of Alex. I must be certain that nothing will disturb Alex's studies. So, by us going at my pace of adaptation, Alex will never have to suffer injury.

    Alex will certainly improve in reading comprehension. It will just take more time and quality effort.

  3. Alex is always trying to improve himself in everything. He is so driven, he just loves learning.


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