Monday, December 8, 2014

Alex's Last AP Computer Science 'A' Assignment

Song:  Brothers (Pearl Harbor)

Rendition:  Calikokat

Alex finishing up his last assignment for his AP Computer Science 'A' course.
He will take his final in this class in a week or so.

For next semester, Alex will be taking AP Computer Science 'B'.

His last assignment involved making a ballistics trajectory table.

Alex had to use this formula to individually calculate each line of code...
and so, while not difficult, it was tedious.

Alex enjoys computer science.
I expect he will continue on the path of advancing himself in 
Math and Computer Science.

Today is also the last day of his UNR Linear Algebra class.

He takes his final this Saturday at UNR.

Just the other day...
I turned 55 years old

(I don't celebrate my birthday. 
The way I figure it...
 it was my mom's achievment, and not mine.
I send my mom a gift on my birthday.
She is the one who went through labor...
who fed me...who helped raise me.
If my dad were alive...he would also get a gift).

We were originally going to go to a Teppanyaki place...
but as the time neared...
I had more of an appetite than such a place can satisfy...
we decided to go to the Outback.

Alex had the fire grilled salmon and crab.

I had the 16 oz. fire grilled finished Prime Rib...

(it was thick cut...slow cooked...and then had the outer meat seared over an open flame.
I then mixed a creamed horseradish dip with some grated horseradish for extra zing...
and I was then in heaven :)

and crab.

as this is Alex's last day of Linear Algebra at UNR...
I will take some evening and night shots at the campus.

I hope to catch the beautiful amber lighting of the trees as the sun sets
(I usually watch this happen from my outdoor spot as I wait for Alex)...
and the night lights of some of the buildings
(it is dark by the time we leave the campus for home).


  1. Happy birthday (even though you don't celebrate)! I feel the same way about my birthday, but go along with a celebration as my son enjoys it.

  2. Alex is not keen on birthdays either. He just prefers a small family mini celebration.


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