Thursday, December 11, 2014

Alex In Finals Preparation Mode

Song:  Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Cover)

Cover Artist:  Calikokat

Alex at his study station at home.

He has a nice view of some of the neighborhood Christmas lights
(we will walk around the neighborhood on Christmas Eve to take pictures).

When this picture was taken...
Alex had already been studying for over 8 hours.

He will continue until he eats Supper...
and he will then have some free time.

He doesn't have to cram for finals...
as he studies diligently everyday.

He is merely following his normal routine...
but instead of studying each subject every day...
he only has four more classes with finals...
and so, he may study each of these classes for longer...each day.

Alex only has one more day before his Linear Algebra final at UNR
(Saturday afternoon).

Alex's Linear Algebra Professor had given his class some sample questions
of the type which will be on the final (each question demands many mathematical proofs).

Next week, Alex has three more finals...
one in Computer in English...and one in Biology.

 Each of his teachers had given her class a finals study guide...
and some practice questions to help the students ensure they are prepared.

During Winter break (late Dec and early Jan)...
Alex will be taking two very important examinations
for a possible future academic opportunity
(one of them is a two hour exam in San Francisco).

By the time Alex starts eating his Supper...
he will have studied for approximately 10 hours today.

After dinner...
Alex simply wishes to relax and start a rewrite of one of his novels
(creative writing is one of Alex's favorite hobbies).

He is still looking forward to publishing his first novel sometime soon.

Alex had requested 'Shrimp Tempura Udon' for dinner from his momma.

Momma is making it right at this moment...
and, as it must be eaten hot off the stove...
I will make this article short.

I simply love 'Shrimp Tempura Udon' 

(especially when I give 10 - 15 shakes of a container of
'Shichimi Togarashi' red pepper mix on top of it  :)


  1. 10-15 shakes? Whooo, you like it spicy!

  2. I just love the taste of the pepper mix. It should be the last taste on the palate after a spoonful :)


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