Sunday, November 2, 2014

Neighborhood Halloween Shots / Day After - Marlin 795 Prep

Song:  Nightfall

Artist:  David Lanz

Halloween is not really something we get excited about.

Alex stopped wanting to dress up for Halloween and get candy when he was 7 years old.

We decided to go out to eat this past Halloween night.

On the way, from the car, and as we drove out from our immediate neighborhood...
I took some photos of some houses which had lit up their house for Halloween.

There really weren't many kids going door to door.

Most of our neighborhood is filled with either very young couples without children yet...
or older retired couples with grown children
(and that is why our neighborhood is so quiet :)

The day after Halloween was an overcast day.
The clouds had dropped a light layer of snow on the hills just beyond our own.
My wife had taken these two photos earlier in the day from our front yard.

The air has taken on the crispness and chill of a true Autumn.

I love the lower temperatures of Autumn and Winter.
It just makes one feel so alive!


Alex had taken his Biology exam last night...
and he submitted it, along with the essay portion of the exam online.

 His results should be available online in a couple of days.

These are Alex's grades from his Online High of midterm 
(Alex had already completed a couple of his classes early...
and he is taking Japanese through a different online company...
 so, they are not included here).

His P.E. course is actually a course on Sports Physiology.

And in Alex's University course at UNR...
so far...he is also getting an "A".


Alex is participating in NaNoWriMo.

It is an annual writing participatory event for aspiring writers...
and to encourage writing skills among non writers.

In one month's time...
it challenges young writers to write a 50,000, or more, word novel...
during the month of November.

Alex had participated last year...
and he is working on it this year as well.

I, at first, didn't wish for Alex to do it this year...
as he has so many things to do right now.

He insisted he really wanted to participate...
and he said that he would not take away from his study time to complete the novel.

He said he would just do it during his free time...
so I relented (I am such a softie when it comes to my son  :)

Alex also competed in a mail in math competition...
and he just mailed it.

The results will come at a later time...
probably in a few weeks time.

In a few weeks time...
we will be driving approximately 8 hours to Harvey Mudd College for 
the Harvey Mudd / Cal Tech Math Tournament in California.

Alex is on a math team which will be competing with many other 
High School teams.

Although it is located in the Los Angeles area...
many teams from Northern California, and even from some other states...
should be there as well.


Alex is going to his Sunday math club later today (it is now almost 1 AM on Sunday)...
and afterwards, we are going to zero his rifle in the hills.

I received the correct laser boresight cartridge and his bipods...
and as we will be leaving with plenty of sunlight left in the day
(especially with daylight savings happening in 1 hour)...
we should be set.

Although this bipod is non adjustable...
it is preset to a height where most may use it from the prone position.

I will use a sandbag for the buttstock rest for zeroing his rifle.

I will then have him try his adjustable bipod (below) 
for his sitting, kneeling and standing positions...
just for familiarization.

He will be doing the majority of his shooting from self supported positions.

For those who are dismayed at a child learning how to shoot:
(my article on the rationale for learning how to shoot)


  1. We had few kids out on Halloween in our neighborhood this year, too, but in our case it was due to the cold weather.

  2. Halloween started to die when those first reports came in of the attempts to poison children with adulterated candy in the early 70s. It is too bad...urban legend or not.


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