Saturday, November 29, 2014

Alex's Extra Credit Linear Algebraic Proofs

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Alex's UNR Linear Algebra professor had given his class the opportunity 
to earn some extra credit by writing proofs on certain problems.

It took Alex a total of 15 hours (spread out over a week) for him to complete it.

It involved two true/false problems...
each of which had 15 to 20 separate proofs needing to be written...
and another 18 problems needing only one proof each.

Alex typed out the whole assignment...
which totaled 60 pages.

Alex started learning how to write mathematical proofs over a year ago
through his Sunday math club sessions.

Alex said his math club practice has really helped him in this...
as well as in all of his other assignments
(these problems are similar to his competition math problems).

He also said that although he had to do some research 
on a few components of the problems by reading ahead in his text...
and by looking them up online...for the most part...
Alex knew most of the material already.

Alex loves doing extra credit in all of his classes.
They not only provide an academic buffer...
he learns so much by doing them.

I've included a sample of his typed proofs in the pictures below:

Alex was typing part of this up on the way home from our trip to 
Southern California.

He actually finished this assignment on Thanksgiving day.

Alex said that he really liked this assignment because he had to use everything 
he has learned in order to complete it.

He thought it was very good practice for writing mathematical proofs.

Alex has also been busy finishing up his AP Computer Science course...
and studying for his Biology final next week.

Alex's final in Linear Algebra is also coming up in a couple of weeks...
so he is very busy reviewing for each of his classes.

Just today...
as Alex completed a different assignment in his Linear Algebra class...
he looked up at me and said that he really enjoys this class.

Alex also said that he really loves learning at the University.

He is, at this moment...
looking at next semester's schedule.

He is on the waiting list for Calculus III
(he needs this course in order to take more advanced math).

Hopefully they will be adding more courses for Calculus III...
otherwise he will have to take some other math in the meantime.

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