Monday, November 24, 2014

Alex Touring Caltech University

Song:  Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold (Cover)

Artists:  Str8voices

We toured Caltech University on our own on our last day of our trip.

It was located 1/2 hour farther West from Harvey Mudd College.

We had awakend at 8 AM and departed our hotel for Caltech at 9 AM
(Located in Pasadena, CA).

We had arrived at around 9:30 AM...
and we walked around almost the entire campus by 11 AM...
at which point we stopped briefly for brunch...
and then departed for home.

As it was Sunday morning...
the campus was almost deserted.

This made for a very pleasant walk around the campus.

Alex especially liked this building.

He is dreaming of possibly coming here one day.

This building is where 'Sheldon' of the show 'The Big Bang Theory' would 
be working were he really at Caltech.

The air had the light fragrance of rose, citrus, and some other floral scent I couldn't place...
but it was very nice.

I don't know what kind of trees these were...
but they bore flowers.

This is the building 'Leonard' of 'The Big Bang Theory' would be working were he 
really working at Caltech.

Although we rested in this beautiful courtyard...
Alex wasn't in the best of moods.

Both, he and I, suffer in the heat.

Although it was only in the mid 70s here...
we are used to the much lower temperatures of Reno this time of year.

It is 30 - 40 degrees cooler in Reno.

As we live in the hills above Reno...
we are used to being at an elevation over a mile above sea level.

Alex and I are mountain men at heart.
We both love high altitude and freezing temperatures.

Alex cooled himself off with the fountain water...
and we then continued our tour of the campus.

This was our last view of Caltech.

From here we began our travel back to Reno.

In all, it would take us 9 hours to get back...
but as we had taken the scenic route...
it was a very pleasurable drive.

Alex finished his studies in the car on his laptop...
my wife mostly slept...
and I listened to music on my iPod all the way back.

In my final article of this trip...
I will cover some of the views we had
of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Scenic Route
(Hwy 395).


  1. It so nice that you are exposing Alex to some really great colleges, and these are all places that he realistically could attend one day.

  2. I want him to dream big. He may never attend the great universities...but I want him to be able to do well where ever he goes. By shooting for the top ones, he should be thoroughly prepared for any.


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