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Alex At The 2014 Caltech / Harvey Mudd Math Competition

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As our trip spanned a total of 3 days...
I will break them up into 3 separate articles:

Article 1 - Our drive there / The competition

Article 2 - Walking around Caltech University

Article 3 - The drive home

Our route there and back - Hwy 395 - The Eastern Sierra Nevada Scenic Route
 (for most of the way).

Alex was part of the Davidson Academy Math Team going to the 
Caltech / Harvey Mudd Math Tournament (for High Schools).

Teams from all over California and Nevada participated.

Just a few days before the competition...
3 of the 6 members of his team had to cancel.

We still went with hopes of picking up other members from teams
 which might also be short members.

We departed home at approximately 6 AM on Friday and decided to eat breakfast 
a few hours down the road.

We wouldn't get back until 8 PM on Sunday.

We are just a couple of hours down the road from home at this point.

Mono Lake.

Just on the other side of Mono Lake...
we stopped in for some breakfast.

I decided to eat a large breakfast...
as I wouldn't eat again until supper.

After checking into our hotel (just a couple of miles from the competition site)...
we ate Sushi for supper...
and then got some much needed rest.

Early the next morning...
we went to Harvey Mudd College for the competition.

We had arrived early...
so we walked around.

The competitors arrived for check-in.

Alex picking up his T-shirt.

Alex's team is under team 1 category
and the 7th down from the top
(Davidson Academy of Nevada).

There were approximately 270 High School competitors.

Although Alex's team picked up one member from team Westminster...
 they were still shy 2 members for the competition.

Alex going with his team to the Team and Power Round competition.

I was a proctor for 2 of the high school teams for their team / power rounds.

A sample of some of their team problems.

The teams as they emerged from their testing areas.

Alex with his team members.

The young man in the yellow shirt was the last minute addition from Westminster.
He is a very talented mathematician.
As it turned out...he was the strongest mathlete on the team.

Team Davidson Academy / Westminster

After their team rounds...
it was lunch time for the mathletes.

A picture of Harvey Mudd College.

A unique way of getting around.

Many students used skateboards to get around campus.

We walked around as Alex finished his lunch...
and then went in for the individual round.

The top 5 individual placers (1st place is on the right).

The first place high school team
(I believe they were from the San Francisco Bay Area).

Team Davidson Academy of Nevada
at the conclusion of the competition
(the three members of the team who couldn't show for the competition
were from the Davidson Academy).

We are just leaving to eat supper and then go back to the hotel for one more night.

There was a Greek restaurant nearby.

We started with a Hummus appetizer.

Alex then had a chicken and rice soup...
and he skipped the salad.

He then had the chicken kabab.

My wife and I had Gyros.

We then went to our hotel for the night.

The next morning we toured the campus of Caltech University.


As they only announced the top 10 individuals...
and the top 5 teams...
we don't know how Alex's team placed...
or where Alex stood as an individual.

Alex said that these math problems were a little more difficult than
those of the ARML competition.

As Alex is only a first year high school student...
he should fare much better at these competitions in a few years.

Alex really enjoyed today...
and he is always learning from each competition.

We plan to go to the Stanford University competition early next year...
and then to the UC Berkeley competition again.

Next year...
the Caltech/Harvey Mudd competition will be held at Caltech University.

Alex plans on going to that one as well.


  1. Another good experience for Alex. Good, tough competition and he got to see another college campus.

  2. We all had a great time. Most of all, Alex got some great experience.


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