Thursday, October 16, 2014

Alex's Critical Essay On 'The Red Badge Of Courage'

Song:  Desert Symphony

Artists:  The Piano Guys

Alex spent about two hours on this critical essay for his 
online English class today.

Alex enjoys reading and completing essays on what he had read.

Although Alex had made a couple of errors...
his essay was still done very well.

Although I don't put all of Alex's work in my blog...
I wanted to note his improvement in his essays.

The more a child reads...the better he writes.
The more a child writes...the more critically he reads.

A child will start to automatically pick up on an author's method of writing.

He will see how an author organizes his stories...
and this will tell the child a lot of how an author thinks.

I had wanted for Alex to finish up the writing assignment I had assigned him
(he had completed a rough draft...but he needs more research)...
but as he has so many items on his plate now...
I think we will have to put it on a back burner for the time being.

A person is judged by how well he speaks and writes...
in work...and in social settings.

The more he reads and writes...
the better he will become at it.

Alex is also watching the DVD we bought for him
of Professor Arthur Benjamin teaching about Game Theory
(Math theory behind games of probability).

It is 12 segments of 45 minutes each.

Alex is enjoying one such segment as I write this.

Once he has finished with the whole series...
I will give a synopsis of the DVD.

Along with the DVD came this accompanying text.

Alex got excited during dinner because his mother told him 
that they would watch another segment tonight.

Tonight's segment is on the mathematics of the probabilities
involved in Blackjack.

After I have Alex explain this segment to me...
I am going to hit the Casino.

I am joking  :)

In the three years we have lived here near the many Casinos...
I've only spent a total of $40.00 on some machines just killing time 
as we waited for a table at one of the restaurants.


  1. You have me intrigued about checking out Professor Benjamin's dvds. It would be wonderful if my son could be as excited about watching a math video as Alex is. My son is nowhere near Alex's level so I'm wondering if it would be too advanced for him. Does he have a starter course? What do you think?

  2. Go there to get the great basic Mathemagic course. 3 DVDs...and audio disc...and an autographed copy of his book...Mathemagic. It teaches the fundamentals in thinking like a mathematician and is suitable for advanced elementary school students...and all for $49.00. I think your son would love it.

  3. Sorry...the book is called 'Secrets of Mental Math'...and it teaches Mathemagics.

  4. On the same website...he also sells a workbook on mental addition and subtraction for elementary level students for $15.00.

    1. Thanks for the tip. $49 for the 3 DVDs and book sound like a great rate. At that price, I have nothing to lose by trying it out.


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