Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Alex Makes Momma's Birthday Card

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Yesterday was Alex's Mother's birthday.

His mother wanted to go perfume shopping.

Then we went out to eat.

I had suggested something nice...
but she wished to eat something simple, so...
we went to a simple Japanese restaurant.

They had excellent miso soup here.
They used white miso...and they made it with a lot of flavor.
Many places simply don't use enough miso.
Fortunately, that was not the case here.

Alex had chosen the Unagi Donburi  (grilled fresh water eel over rice).

My wife and I had chosen the grilled beef and shrimp and vegetable tempura bento.

Everything was very tasty.

I tried the wasabi ice cream
(it was no different from the green tea ice cream).

Just a quick note...
true wasabi is almost unknown in any restaurant in the USA...
and there are many, even in Japan, which serve the inexpensive substitute...
colored European or American horseradish.

Real Wasabi is expensive.

The same goes for true extra virgin olive oil.
Most are not...because it is expensive...
so the profits on adulterated or substituted items are extraordinary.

Alex and his mother shared a large goblet of green tea ice cream.

After we relaxed for a while at home after dinner...
Alex made this birthday card for his mother.

Alex had also written in Hiragana (one of the scripts of Japanese).
Alex knows Hiragana, and almost all of Katakana
 (he started studying Japanese last month).

Alex is the person on the left.

He is saying, "Daisuki desu" (an informal - 'I love you').
Under that is the word 'Ahchan' - Alex's nickname given to him by his
Japanese grandfather when my wife's parents visited us 
in California when Alex was 6 months old.

The hiragana above the person on the right says...
'Ahchan no Okaasan'...
which means 'Ahchan's mother'.

Alex and I also prepared his rifle for tomorrow's shoot.
Alex is also writing a program for a text adventure computer game
he just started working on...in JAVA 
(a text based game similar to 'Zork' of the 80's).

I'll include these photos in the next article.


  1. That is so sweet! I'm glad to see that Ahchan is doing well :)
    Sorry I've been MIA. I saw your comment on my article but thought I should reply later after my tests because I didn't want to write a halfhearted reply, and I forgot.
    Anyway, this post made me feel warm and happy. It also reminded me that tomorrow was my father's birthday. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It is quite alright. I know you are extremely busy. What you are doing takes much commitment. You are entering into the realm of some of the most highly trained professionals in the world.

    Ahchan's mother really loved his card...especially his drawing :)

  4. Very sweet birthday card. That some of it was in hiragana probably made it extra special for your wife.

  5. My wife was pleasantly surprised by his use of Hiragana. Alex is practicing his Japanese on a daily basis.


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