Saturday, October 25, 2014

Alex Enjoying The Neighborhood / UNR Fall Colors

Song:  The Air That I Breathe

Group:  The Hollies

Earlier this week...
Alex and his Mother took a neighborhood walk to look at the fall colors
(I was in California for a day).

Last week, we had driven around and found it was still too early to see fall colors...
plus, we realized that the best fall colors exist in our immediate neighborhood.
Just a nice neighborhood stroll is all that is necessary.

Yes...this bush is really this brilliant red.  It is our neighbor's from just across the street.
I see this bush just before driving into or away from home...or from our front door
(this one picture was taken 9 days ago...all of the others were taken 5 days ago).

The reds develop before the yellows in most of the trees here.

There are actually many more colors to see in our neighborhood...
however, my wife only walked a couple of blocks  :)

The next day...
I wasn't feeling well, so my wife took Alex to UNR for his class.
During her walk to Alex's building where his class is held...
she had taken some photos of the fall colors there.

University of Nevada Reno campus.

Every time I wait for Alex during his class...
the first thing I do is visit the Mexican cafe on the first floor of his building.

They have these great plates of freshly made food to order.

I always order the 3 soft taco plate.
They are filled with ground beef 
(a good 1 1/2" inches high all the way across)...
and have fresh lettuce cheese and tomatoes filling up the rest of the flour tortilla.
The also have a very good homemade sauce that I put on.

I have been eating these twice a week all semester long...they are great!
  These are better than I can find at any Mexican restaurant in town.
I simply love good tacos!

I look forward to taking Alex to the University again next week...
I have made myself hungry just thinking about those tacos!

I always start my wait with great food and a large energy drink.
I then either wait in the student lounge...
or lie back on a nearby grassy area and stare up at the trees
as I listen to my iPod.

I think I will take my camera next week.

I simply have to take some pictures of those tacos...
and of the grassy area I have been waiting at while listening to music.

Alex and his mother on their way back home from UNR after his class.
They are one mile from home the apex of the hill of our semi-nightly walk.

It is too late for shooting in the hills today.

Hopefully, after Alex's Sunday math club...
we can find enough time to stop at the sports store to get large accuracy marking targets...
and we can then go to our spot in the mountains for some longer distance shooting.


  1. We live at an elevation of 1,615 meters, so we have nice fall colors right at home. The leaves are still in the process of turning, so, we have a nice long Autumn here. Many of the bright yellows come after the brilliant reds. It is nice. My favorite seasons are Autumn, Winter, Spring, and then that order.

  2. Your neighborhood has some really spectacular fall colors. New England doesn't have anything on northern Nevada. Ha!

  3. It really is nice in the Fall here. I love that the colors are so near. I can fully enjoy Autumn without effort.


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