Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Alex At June Lake Loop For Autumn Colors

Song:  Bring Him Home

Artists:  The Piano Guys

We went to the June Lake Loop to see some Autumn colors.
Although we were a little early in the season...
and the skies were cloudy...
it was still a nice day trip.

The loop is about 3 hours away from home...
and the drive itself was very nice.

There were nice fall colors for much of the way there.
Many of the aspen groves were tucked away in draws and valleys...
and some were on the sides of the mountains.

We had stopped briefly at a vista point overlooking Mono Lake.

We arrived at June Lake.

There is a nice town just past the lake.

We followed the road around its entire loop...
but at about the 3/4 mark (from the South entrance)...
we stopped at Silver Lake.

We parked at the lake and enjoyed the quiet.

Just after we parked...
a doe and her fawn emerged from the underbrush.

There were some people fishing and the rest were just relaxing along the lake side.

It was too bad the sun was blocked by clouds most of the time.

We had moments of direct sunlight...
and in those moments...
the colors had almost fluoresced.

We were almost out of the loop at this point.

We are on the road going back home here.

Today's skies were filled with clouds...
and it was unseasonably warm.

It was in the 70s (F).
I am happiest when the temperature is in the 30s and below.

This picture looks like a seagull in flight.

We had arrived in Reno and went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

I have eaten at Chinese restaurants in New York, San Francisco...
and many other places.

We had found the absolute best one right here in Reno just a few miles from home.

I should have taken my camera inside.
The food was just SO good.

The noodles were perfectly cooked...
and the flavors were outstanding.

They have a well trained cook.
Each of our meals was delicious.

We will make this our favored Chinese restaurant from now on.

What better way to cap off a very nice day...
than with a savory meal?


  1. Silver Lake and yellow trees, nice place!

  2. Thank you. It was a very serene place. We really enjoyed the mountains, lakes, and the colors of Autumn. We had a really pleasant day trip.

  3. Love aspen in the fall... especially when the sun illuminates the bright gold colors! Good that you were able to get away for the day.

    I missed that you didn't have pictures from your dinner at the Chinese restaurant. Oh well, I'm sure you'll go again and take your camera next time.

  4. Next time we go there, I will be sure to take pictures. Their noodles taste handmade and fresh. It is but a few miles from home, and the prices are very reasonable.


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