Wednesday, October 29, 2014

University Of Nevada Reno (UNR) Campus Views / Fall Colors

Song:  Cristofori's Dream

Artist:  David Lanz

I wanted to show you a teaser of some of the beautiful Fall colors
from the UNR campus coming in this article.

as I had said I would do...
this is the little Mexican Cafe I usually eat from when I wait for
Alex to finish his Linear Algebra class in the same building.

I have been eating here almost every day that Alex has class.

I always order the same meal - #2 - 3 soft beef tacos.

My particular dish is made to order...and not the pre made and warmed food.

This is the drink I always buy to accompany my meal.
I only drink sweetened drinks when I eat out.

This particular one has caffeine.
I usually sleep until just before I take Alex to the University...
so, this helps wake me up.

There is a student eating area adjacent to the cafe...
but I usually eat outside.

 I usually sit on one of these benches just outside Alex's building while I eat.

These are the tacos of which I simply cannot get enough.

The flavors are simple, but very fresh.

After eating these...
I am satisfied only until my next visit to the campus a couple of days later.

I look forward to eating these every time.
They have a lot of ground beef in them...
and every bite just hits the spot.
I just love these tacos!

now, on to the pictures I had taken today.

I had taken this picture from the student parking garage.

This is of the Student Union building.

This is of the staff parking garage
(although students may use it during the Summer Session).

This is where I eat my meal after Alex goes to his class.

I then walk toward the large grassy area to sit in the shade and listen to music
as I wait for Alex's class to end.

I usually lean up against this small incline and enjoy the views.

I like looking out at the grassy area.
Often times, there are students playing catch with flying discs...
or some will practice their gymnastic or dance routines.

The wind gently rustles the leaves as I lie on the grass.
It is such a pleasant experience just relaxing in such an atmosphere
as I wait for Alex.

After I had relaxed a bit...
I got up and walked around some of the campus.

This is of the campus bell tower.
It rings out the hour.

I love the sound of the bells in contrast to the almost always
peaceful surroundings and dead quiet.

I had seen this Ivy covered building...
and I wanted to see what was on the other side.

They have this nice little pond there.



Goose!  :)

I walked South past the pond to see some great Fall colors in many of the trees.

This area is where students may just sit in peace and quiet.

Alex and I are walking back to the car.

Alex took another quiz in his Linear Algebra class today.

He had gotten 100% on it.

There are a total of 11 quizzes.
They total up to 35% of the grade.

He is now studying for his Biology Exam.
He will take it on Friday.

We plan to drive around to take pictures of houses with unique Halloween decorations
this Friday evening...before it gets too dark.

Hopefully, I will have enough photos to make an interesting article.

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