Friday, September 19, 2014

Smokey Skies Above Reno Once Again

Song:  Quest For Freedom

Group:  Future World Music

It is fire season once again in California.

There are fires in California which are particularly smokey for Reno...
as these fires lie in the gap of the Sierra Nevada mountain range
which funnels the late morning and early afternoon breezes from California...
directly into Reno, Nevada
(at approximately the 1 O'clock position from Sacramento).

As a result...
there have been so many fine particulates in the air in Reno for the past week
that Alex and I have had to stop our nightly walks until the fires are put out.

Although the smoke is an unavoidable problem for the few weeks a year
whenever California has large forest fires burning close to the Sierra Nevada gap...
Reno is particularly blessed with cool breezes throughout the day and night
because of the surrounding geography.

It is a small price to have to pay for the normally fresh, cool, and crystal clear 
breezes we get throughout the year.

 A naturally blood red sun as it cuts through the smokey skies over Reno...

as compared to the normal skies of Reno below:

While the smokey air has curtailed our nightly walks for the time being...
it won't keep us from eating out  :)

We decided to eat Thai food on this night
(it is just a few miles from home).

Alex tried two new foods tonight...
chicken and shrimp spring rolls with the peanut sauce...
and sweet and sour shrimp.

Alex hesitantly dipping the roll into the peanut sauce  :)

Although he had eaten a few bites...
he didn't so much like it.

Alex also tried the sweet and sour shrimp...
and, although he wasn't crazy about the dish...
he had eaten all of the shrimp.

My wife and I started out with their hot and sour soup...

and we each had their green curry.


Alex is making such great progress in his studies.

His mother told him he should take more breaks between his study sessions.

As it is now...
Alex just hurridly eats his lunch and goes right back to his study area.

He is so focused on advancing himself in all of his subjects.

This is who Alex is at his core...
he loves learning at his pace...
and without any delays or distractions...
and with unbroken focus as he makes his way forward toward his goals.

Alex is so happy now in his self paced studies...
and with his ability to take advanced math at UNR.

This is Alex at peace with himself...
doing what he loves doing most...
following his path to his dreams.


  1. Sacramento is the sister city of my hometown. Is your house ok? And, your dinner looks delicious.

  2. KUMO...good to hear from you.

    The fires are about one and a half hours by car due West of us...on the other side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Although there is no danger from the fire, the smoke sometimes blows in heavily. Luckily, it is a fairly rare event for us.

    We love eating out. Their curry is very good.

    Thank you for stopping in.

  3. Thank you. We had a short period of two days with no smoke (next article)...but as of today...the smoke is back :(

  4. That's great that Alex tried some new foods even if he didn't like it so much. I think his tastes will continue to expand.

    Hope the smokey days don't last too much longer.

  5. The fires may continue to burn for another few weeks. Alex tried hard to like some of the new food...but, at least he tried. :) He continually adds to the width of his acceptable foods...slowly. :)


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