Sunday, September 21, 2014

Clear Skies For Two Days / Alex's Sunday Math Club

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group:  Two Steps From Hell

The skies of Reno had a short two day reprieve from the smoke from California's fires.

My wife had taken these photos from our front yard yesterday evening...
when the skies had returned to normal for the two days.

As the air was clear...
Alex and I went on our nightly walk last night.

However, after returning from Alex's Math Club practice session today...
the smoke had returned  :(

Today's practice session focused on AMC 10 / 12.

Alex did really well on his practice tests.

The math club found a new meeting place.

There were quite a few members missing today.

There are usually almost twice as many children in attendance as there were today.

Alex loved seeing his old acquaintences in today's practice session.

Alex has greatly improved in his math abilities since their last meeting.

The young man in the hat on the left side of the picture is forming a 6 member team
to compete in Caltech's Math tournament in a couple of months.

He had asked Alex to be on the team.

We are looking forward to going...
even though it is an 8 hour drive  :) 

Addendum:  We just learned tonight that the tournament
will be held at Harvey Mudd College this year.
They alternate between Caltech and Harvey Mudd every year.

Alex wishes to compete in the three major annual high school math competitions
in California:  Caltech/Harvey Mudd - Stanford University - UC Berkeley.

It seems he has a team to go with for each one now.

Most, if not all of the participating team members, are from the team
 he had competed with at UC Berkeley last time (the team from the Davidson Academy).


  1. The smoke may not be healthy for you, but it does make for some attractive sunsets.

    Can't wait to find out how Alex and the team do in Caltech's math tournament.

  2. Actually, the included sunset shots were when it cleared up. We usually have many beautiful sunsets here. The smoke occludes the clouds...and sometimes much of the sun. We just found out tonight that the tournament will be at Harvey Mudd Collage this year. The alternate between Caltech and Harvey Mudd.

    One of the team member's father will be taking the team in his RV. However, we will be driving Alex ourselves. It will be in late November.


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