Saturday, September 6, 2014

Alex's New Daily Schedule Of Study

Song:  Wooden Ships

Group:  Crosby-Stills-Nash

Alex busy with his daily studies in a comfortable setting.

He not only studies in perfect quiet...
we ensure the temperature is always comfortable
(he likes it we keep the central air conditioner on at his favorite temperature).

Alex also follows his natural sleep cycle.
He stays up until about 11 PM...
and he usually wakes up at 9 AM.

Studies have shown that the melatonin output of adolescents 
naturally flows between 11 PM and 9 AM.
This is also Alex's natural cycle...
so he may now operate during his optimal wake times.

Alex gets up and eats a healthful breakfast...
and starts his studies.

He then takes a break for lunch...
and then resumes his studies until he breaks for a snack in the late afternoon.

He will then study some more.

Last week during one of his study breaks...
Alex got excited when I gave him the opportunity to earn some extra money
 by pulling some weeds in the backyard
(no joke...Alex likes earning extra money in this manner.
The activity relaxes him...and he loves saving money).

Alex got some fresh air and sun...
and earned $20.00...
all in under half an hour.

He felt refreshed from his break...
and shortly thereafter...
he dove into his studies once again.


Just an hour or so before dinner...
Alex will start his first exercise session of the day.

After dinner...
we will rest...
then we will begin our nightly walk.

He will then shower...
and he may then enjoy his free time.

He will sometimes then watch a show with his mother.
It should be noted that this is usually the only time that Alex watches any TV...
one educational show, one selected movie, or a segment of a Korean or Japanese drama.
(one of his favorite shows is 'Brain Games'.
It is a show demonstrating human behavior and psychological manipulation).

Alex really loves his new online high school...
and the freedom he gets to pursue other classes online...
and especially, advanced classes at the University of Nevada Reno.

Although many of his classes are essentially the same as his last high school...
he may now move through them at his own accelerated pace.

Alex studies everyday with his online courses.

Below is his schedule of NorthStar Online High School classes:

AP Computer Science

Honors Biology

Honors English

Psychology (Alex really seems to like Psychology)
(I was surprised at the advanced level of this course...
it incorporates everything from its roots...the various schools of thought...
various methods of research and statistics used
and how it applies to modern societies...
the basics of the nervous system and brain research...
various reasons for altered mental status...
as well as Developmental Psychology and various theories
and their applications).

Health, Fitness, and Nutrition 
(Alex finished a semester's worth in a week...he takes his final this upcoming week)

Personal Fitness
(setting and completing aerobic and anaerobic goals...
measuring and recording them).


 (we are getting it through NorthStar the meantime...
Alex is studying it on his own using a different program)


Alex also studies a couple of other on line programs
not associated with NorthStar:

AP Biology
(to work ahead)

AP Calculus (B/C)
(to review)


On the days Alex goes to the University of Nevada Reno:

Linear Algebra
(he gets dual credit - University / High School)

Alex also studies ahead in this class by reading ahead in the text.


Alex using his microphone headset to participate 
in a group study session led by one of his teachers.

Other students also participate and use either the headset or they simply type in replies.

This type of instruction and group activity is a relatively rare occurrence...
but one that Alex enjoys.

So far...
besides working ahead in all of his studies...
Alex has completed a couple of Power Point presentations...
and a couple of essays
(he sends the completed projects to a teacher at NorthStar).


During his last Linear Algebra class at UNR...
as we were walking to the car...
Alex told me that he was one of only two students that day 
who had earned extra credit.

His professor had challenged the class to an extra credit problem during class.
The students who could not only solve the problem...
but who could correctly explain the process...
would earn the credit.

Alex was one of only two students to raise his hand
and correctly solve and explain the problem.

 this is in a class of approximately 30 university students.

Alex loves opportunities to earn extra credit.
He was very happy relaying this unformation to me.

I love seeing Alex's suppressed smile...
and the pride I see in his eyes  :)

Alex writing simple sentences in Japanese.

Alex is advancing so quickly in Japanese.
He practices speaking it with his mother.

His Grandparents in Japan are looking forward to our visit there next year.
They will be surprised when Alex will be able to converse with them
in their language.

Alex will be taking at least 3 years worth before he gets out of High School
(Many Universities demand at least 3 years of a foreign language prior to application).

Alex still enjoys his leisure reading time in 'his spot'.

Alex is really enjoying life now.

He frequently got frustrated at his old high school because
he would get bored in his classes.

Besides not being advanced enough...
they moved at a pace which moved along much too slowly.

although Alex must take some of the lower level classes
as part of the requirement for graduation...
he may move through them at his own pace.

Now he does not get frustrated.


Last night after Alex's studies...
we ate out at 'Hana Garden'.

It is a Korean restaurant just 10 - 15 minutes from home.

We often eat out at varying ethnic restaurants.

I say...
by stimulating the palate...
you stimulate the mind!  :)

(at least that is one of my stated reasons to my wife  :)

We first started out with appetizers.

We had Tempura...
Topokki (a delicious large rice noodle, fish cake, egg, vegetable dish)...
and their very delicious Korean Pancake.

Alex then had 'Chicken Katsu'

My wife had the 'Beef Bulgoki'.

 I had eaten the 'Pork Bulgoki'.

I still wish to somehow squeeze in some time for playing music.

I am in the process of picking out a song for a duet that Alex and I may play 
(I transpose them by ear to fit into the two solid octaves of the bamboo flute.
Although three octaves may be eeked out...the lower two octaves sound the best)...
but as we will not have much time to practice on a daily basis...
I will have to try to fit in many shorter practice sessions 
between Alex's online classes.

Alex's academic studies take precedence over everything else.

So, we may have to save music practice for later...
or perhaps, we may move along just a few notes at a time  :)


  1. Good to give Alex a mix of physical activities (including pulling weeds!) interspersed with his academic work.

    I'm sure his mother is very pleased that he is learning Japanese. His grandparents will be thrilled to be able to speak with him.

    You always go to great restaurants. We have been talking about trying a Korean restaurant one day.

  2. I had spent a total of 3 months in Korea during the Winter. Although I haven't found the same quality of food as I had then, everytime I see a good Korean Drama...I crave good Korean food. At least I can get some of the flavor of Korea here in Reno.


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