Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Alex's First Psychology Hypothetical Experiment

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In today's assignment in Alex's Psychology class...
they were reemphasising the scientific method through
the setting up of a hypothetical experiment using the 
various research methods previously explained.

Alex had to answer this question by setting up a complete hypothetical experiment:

Why is it that children of older parents (more than 40 years old) are better adjusted...
have closer ties with their parents...
and are more socially skilled when they enter school than children of younger parents (less than 40 years old)?

With Alex's only instructions being:

1) Using the research question as his basis of inquiry...
he had to write the necessary steps for performing the research using the scientific method.

2)  He could create his own hypothetical data.

3)  He had to write a 2 to 3 paragraph critique:  What or what had not worked.  What the study limitations were.

Alex had used his previous knowledge of Statistics 
and Scientific Research Methodology
to complete this assignment in approximately one hour

(This is why we had Alex take Probabilities and Statistics for his first class
at the University of Nevada Reno.  
Statistics is used in almost all areas of science, business...
and in anything where quantification and comparison is used).

He then submitted it to his Psychology teacher online.

Alex had a good time typing up and submitting this paper today.

He gets excited waiting for the score results of his work online.
His teachers usually grade the submitted work in a matter of hours.

We just got back from Alex's Linear Algebra course at UNR.
He finishes any course work upon his arrival at home...
and he will then work ahead.

Since Alex had finished one of this semester's courses already...
they had filled in another course he had chosen for an elective.
It is a semester long and is called:  Game Design.

As it didn't seem to be a time consuming course of study...
we decided to let him take it this semester with his other courses.
Alex insisted he could fit this course in without any problem.

I think he will have a lot of fun with the course.

I hope to write about some of his experiences with this new course soon...
as it sounds fun and interesting.

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