Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alex Working On His Themed Four Part Short Story / Alex At The Lab

Song:  Promise

Artist:  Thomas Bergman

Alex looking into a microscope in the Biology Lab at NorthStar.

Although most of his studies is online...
he has to go in to take tests and to participate in science labs.

Today's lab involved looking at cells they had stained.
Alex said they start dissections in a few months.

I had bought him some metal weave incorporated kevlar gloves which are slice proof...
as he will be handling a scalpel for the first time at that point  :)

Alex after his lab at NorthStar.

He said he really enjoyed it.

A short while later...
I took Alex to UNR for his Linear Algebra class there.

When we got home from UNR, he continued studying at home...
and after dinner, he was on the computer until late at night working on
his themed four part short story.

Last night, when I had spoken to him as he was typing away...
he told me that he was working on the second of four short stories
he will eventually combine into one four part short story under a unifying theme
of Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.

He said the first story was of a bird.

I had asked for a quick synopsis of the story of Earth he was working on.

He said it was of a child who had inherited a million dollars at birth...
and whom had been told by his parents that for each act of misbehavior by him...
a certain amount would be deducted from his original million dollars  :)

It sounded very interesting
(he was on page 16 when I had talked to him).

He said his four part story will be finished in a few weeks.

I will be sure to include excerpts of his stories in an article once he is done.

Writing novels and short stories is one of Alex's main hobbies.

When he is at home...
he likes to listen to music while he writes
(He usually listens to Classical, Opera, New Age, or Epic music.
Alex likes much of the music I include in these articles).

Alex also loves to write when we go on long car drives.
He says he finds the scenery to be stimulating and inspiring.

Alex is so cute  :)


  1. It does sound like a very interesting story. I love that he enjoys writing, and that he has a creative mind.

  2. Alex has always loved to write stories. He also wishes to become an author one day.


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