Saturday, September 13, 2014

Alex At UC Berkeley For An Educational Symposium

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Artist:  Gerry Rafferty

These pictures were taken the day before Alex attended 
an educational symposium at UC Berkeley.

Alex working on his computers.
He was working on two projects simultaneously.
Alex loves moving from one subject to another sometimes.

I think it keeps everything fresh for him.
 I think it prevents the stagnation of thoughts
which sometimes occurs if one studies one subject too long at a stretch...
without a mental break.

Alex's home study station.
He keeps both of his computers close at hand.

Alex working on a Power Point presentation.

We are on our way to UC Berkeley.
Alex loves working on his novels on his iPad while we drive long distances.

We arrived at UC Berkeley...
and we were on our way to eat a late lunch before the start of the symposium.

I love all of the varying types of ethnic restaurants commonly near Universities.

We had decided to eat at a mini food court.

Alex had Unagi Don.

The restaurant wasn't bad...
and as it is located just across the street from the campus...
it was typical of the fare for University students on a budget.

One of the entrances to the campus.
UC Berkeley has been, for the past 17 years in a row...
the #1 rated public University in the U.S.

The symposium was on the top floor (10th) of the Mathematics building
(the cubed shaped building on the upper left of the photo).

The clock tower not only announces the time by bells...
at certain times, it plays beautiful songs on its bells.

We passed by the Engineering building.
I love the classic designs mixed with the modern touches 
of many of the buildings at UC Berkeley.

A nice setting across from the Math building.

Alex on his way into the Mathematics building.

I love the way open spaces filled with nature
is interspersed with the buildings at many Universities.

It makes for peaceful surroundings...
and so, is conducive to learning.

We had arrived an hour and a half early...
so, we looked around.

Pictures of, what I assume to be, the present Mathematics Professors.

There was a ninth floor outdoor courtyard where we rested a bit.

A picture of the courtyard from the 10th floor.
We had to wait for the symposium room to open.

We were the first there...
so we sat up front.

They had tremendous views of the East Bay from the Mathematics building.

(Man!  When I see pictures of myself...shorts and sandals...
I do look like a country bumpkin  :)

Some of the speakers of the symposium preparing for their presentation.

The pictures below show the various speakers.
All of the members speaking are founding members of their project.

This is a man of vision.
He had asked the central question...
and had started gathering others in search of an answer.

A specialist in math.
For him to be the lead mathematician in a field of highly credentialed professors...
was highly impressive.

This man here was especially charismatic...
and he had especially impressive credentials.

He is a former professor at Harvard...
who eventually became a professor at Stanford University...
and who had resigned from Stanford to become one of the leads...
and a founding member, of this highly ambitious project.

One of the hallmarks of the highly intelligent
is the ability to be both, precise, and concise, in the delivery of their message.

It was so refreshing to hear these speakers deliver their message.

A man who has not only an impressive mathematics background...
but one who had taken on a lead position in the administrative area of the project.

The man on the right is the financial wizard and project manager 
who will make the reality of the project...viable.

This woman, who is also a bright mathematician, is leading another area of the project.

Personal question and answer time with the project leaders after the symposium.

The symposium ended a little after 9 PM.

There was a concert on campus.
It had been going on for a couple of hours already.
They were still playing as we were leaving.

The clock tower as we were leaving.

We were leaving the campus on our way to the garage.

Alex was getting hungry...
so we stopped in at a Nations restaurant (I love their burgers  :)...
 we then drove home.

We arrived home a little after 1:30 AM.

Although I hadn't felt tired on the drive home...
a short while after our arrival...
I was fast asleep.


I cannot go too much into the nature of the project...
 as they have not yet gone public.

Although it is still a concept...
they are well on their way to fulfilling it.

They are attempting a first in the nation.

What they will do in the future will be tremendous in the educational field.

It was so good to see such people of vision and commitment.

To be in the presence of such movers and shakers in their field...
to see the careful forethought involved...
and the amount of passion in their eyes... was simply deeply inspiring.


  1. Sounds like a very interesting symposium. I take it that Alex must have received a special invitation to attend. Who were the other attendees?

    UC Berkeley looks like a beautiful campus. I have seen Stanford but never went to Berkeley. How awesome it would be for Alex to attend such a highly-regarded university that also has such a beautiful setting.

  2. Actually, the symposium was just being held at Berkeley. The actual location of the project will be in San Francisco somewhere. They have yet to secure an actual location. There were many families of gifted math children there. Word was spread among the math circles, mostly in the SF Bay Area. Alex would love to eventually attend a University such as Berkeley.

  3. What a wonderful opportunity and your pictures really bring if to life!

  4. It was a great day for all of us. UC Berkeley is one of the schools Alex would like to attend some day.


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