Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Sample Of Alex's Linear Algebra Class

Song:  Space Oddity

Artist:  David Bowie

 I do not pretend to understand math...
especially advanced math
(and so, this song.
its me with advanced math...
lost in space  :)

This is a sample of Alex's homework from his first week in his Linear Algebra class 
at the University of Nevada Reno.

As to be expected...
Alex is still doing very well in this class.

As you will see...
advanced math is not purely calculations.

Alex is writing mathematical proofs
(he really enjoys mathematical proofing).

He not only has to come up with the right answers...
he must show how it is correct
using correct mathematical logic.

This is to give students an idea of what is in store if they intend to 
go into advanced math at any point in their studies
(as will be necessary for Engineering / Physics...
and what is used in the advanced math competitions especially).

This is a sample from one of Alex's homework assignments from his first week.

These are Alex's answers to problems 20 / 23 / 26

The below are questions from a later section.

Below are Alex's answers to problems 16 and 18.

After this semester...
Alex will be taking Differential Equations.

He is having such a great time working towards his future.

Later today (it is presently 1 AM on Sunday)...
we must skip his Sunday Math Club practice
as we will be going to a special seminar...
but more on this later tonight.

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