Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A First Time Academic Low Averted By An Excellent Essay

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As I have stated previously in earlier articles...
Alex is now taking high school online.

Alex was taking a total of 10 classes
(9 now...he finished one today).

7 classes through North Star High School...
2 online home school classes...
and 1 at the University of Nevada (advanced math).

In order for Alex to lighten the academic load so he may concentrate on 
some upcoming math competitions...
he has been working far ahead in all of his classes...
and with one in particular (Health, Fitness, and Nutrition)...
he had actually finished a full semester class in one week.

He had also completed an essay to hand in...in this class.

Today, I had taken Alex to the academy to take his final for this class
(he had finished the class last week).

All of the finals are done in their computer lab...and with a proctor present.

Before Alex had taken today's final...
his percentage score for the class was in the high 90s.

After today's final...
it had dropped to 93%.

He had rushed too much to finish this class in a week's time.

Although Alex still earned an 'A' in this class...
it was only because he had gotten a perfect essay score.

It was this essay score which had allowed Alex to get an 'A' in the course.

When Alex had gotten his score on the final ('B')...
my wife and I had felt nauseated.

It wasn't until his final grade for the course was posted a short time later
did the nausea subside.

Without his excellent score for his essay (50 out of 50 points)...
he would have gotten his first 'B' in a course of study at school.

This was a big scare for all of us
(and a big wake up call).

Although we know Alex may not always have all 'A's' throughout
his academic pursuits...
this course was not considered a particularly challenging course for Alex.

To have gotten less than an 'A' simply because of rushing 
to finish a semester class in one week's time...
would have been heartbreaking.

That was his main problem
(and we, as his parents, should have realized it also  :(

He had taken the course for granted...
and so, he had decided to go at a pace which hadn't allowed him 
to fully remember the amount of material in necessary detail
(instead of outlining his reading...he merely read at a fast pace
and then tried to merely rely on his memory for a comprehensive final).

We are now holding Alex back in his pace for all of his classes.

Alex loves to plow ahead when he starts something.

This is the essay which had averted a near academic disaster  :)

although Alex may not always get an 'A' in every class in the future ...
especially when he takes really challenging classes at University...
right now...it is like having a new car...
you live in fear of getting that first ding or scratch  :)


  1. 10 classes is quite a load, even for someone like Alex. While my son is nowhere near the student that Alex is, I see the same desire to speed ahead and complete tasks when taking more time would improve his learning. Good that you recognized this and are adjusting.

  2. We must constantly monitor Alex to keep him from moving too fast on a subject. However, it is good to see a young tiger feasting on knowledge :)


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