Thursday, August 7, 2014

Alex's Nightly Walks II - Apex Of Hill Reached With Rucksack

Song:  Highway Song

Group:  Blackfoot

On this night...
we started using metal framed old Army rucksacks for our nightly walks
(We are using these just for our nightly walks.
We have much larger ones for hiking).

We had reached the halfway point of this walk on this night
(just beyond the apex of the major hill in our walk).

From now on...
we are going to add one handful of sand to our rucksacks per night.

This will add weight gently enough to allow full body adaptation
until we can complete our 2 mile after dinner walks
with a substantial amount of sand.

We hope to carry 100 lbs. in a year and a half or so for the full walk...
and we will continue adding weight in small measures until we outgrow these
rucksacks and have to go to larger carrying devices.

I don't know what our upper limit will be...
but with weight added in small measures over many years...
it should be substantial.

Our immediate goal will be to carry our own body weight in sand for the entire distance.

We will allow a couple years of training to reach this point.

Our ultimate goal will be to carry 2x our own body weight in sand for the entire distance.

We may never reach this goal...but it will be fun trying  :)

Although a person may do this more quickly...
I must ensure we allow for full adaptation of the body...
and so, we are going to add weight slowly...
just one handful of sand a night...
and that is it.

This is in the tradition of the legendary ancient Greek wrestler named Milo.

It is said that he had carried a calf on his back around a large arena.
As the calf did the strength and conditioning levels of Milo.

(We will be using the same process...
Progressive Overload within the bounds of adaptation...
and greatly scaled down for us  :)

Milo was undefeated.

We are at the bottom of the hill going up to the halfway turn around point.

We are about halfway up the hill here.

The apex of the hill is reached.

I carry a red LED flashlight just in case
(Alex is demonstrating it here).

Red light doesn't destroy the night vision when used.

The apex of the hill is now our turn around point.

We are on our way down the hill here.

The walk down the hill always feels good...
as there is almost always a cooling breeze in our faces.

We are about two thirds down the hill here.

We are at the bottom of the hill here and on our way back up another one to home.

Heading back home.

Alex starts school tomorrow.

These after dinner walks, and the hot shower afterwards...
will fully relax his body so he may get deep sleep...
and so, he may wake up fully refreshed and full of energy.

These are the Rattlesnake proof chaps that I had bought for Alex.

He will wear these over his pants and Army boots when we go 
shooting in the mountains.

Although the weather has been strange lately
(Thunder showers)...
I have Alex's scope and bipod so we may go distance shooting 
sometime in the next few weeks.


  1. As Alex is still growing and getting stronger, I wonder if it will be easier for him to adjust to the slowly increasing amount of weight you are carrying. It will be interesting to see if one of you eventually outpaces the other. Nice activity for the two of you to do together every night.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Alex can grow at a much faster rate. However, I am controlling the rate of growth to ensure he doesn't burn out physically or psychologically. My goal is to get Alex to a level of conditioning that far surpasses mine. It will take a few years, but he is on a sure course. My only advantage is my experience carrying very heavy packs for very long distances in the mountains when I was young. However, when Alex becomes efficient in his motion, I will be the one who will be slowing us down...this much is certain :)


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