Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alex's New Home Study Area

Song:  Beautiful Day

Orchestra:  The Royal Philharmonic

As Alex will now be studying his High School material online at home...
and as he will also be taking advanced courses at the University of Nevada...
we decided to set up a dedicated study area at home just for Alex.

We had ordered all of his home office online (except for the chair).
Everything arrived by I set up his study area.

His completed desk unit.
As his text books for his online High School will be sent by mail to him...
the attached book shelves will keep them all close at hand.

We wanted Alex to have comfortable surroundings to study in.

Actually, the late evening is the only time direct sunlight comes through the window.
During that short period of time...he will just close the blinds.
The rest of the time, he may just leave the blinds open to enjoy the views.

We had gone to a local office store to pick out the chair for Alex.

I wanted Alex to pick out the most comfortable chair for him...
as he will be using his study area for many hours everyday.

I will trim the trees (after the Autumn colors) outside the window so Alex may enjoy 
the full mountain views from the comfort of his study area.

This whole study area is just for Alex.
We just unboxed his new iMac computer today.

This new computer is all his...and just for his use.
We wanted Alex to be able use a computer whenever he wishes...
without having to worry about sharing with anyone else.

My wife has her own iMac in her home office...
I have my own iMac in my cave...
and now Alex has his own dedicated computer and study area.

The printer is within easy reach should he wish to print out anything.

As our house is always very quiet (the TVs are in the bedrooms)...
there are no distractions, so Alex may study in peace and quiet...
at anytime of the day or night.

Alex will keep his laptop as an emergency backup...
but his new computer will be his main one from now on.

Alex is very happy with his new study area.
With happiness...comes higher productivity  :)


  1. Great setup for Alex! Very conducive to studying! That chair looks really comfortable.

  2. Alex loves his new area. He especially loves the large screen of his iMac. A comfortable chair is a must if someone is to sit for many hours a day.


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